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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
January 3, 2018
Carry On!
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: Day 2920-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


It's been almost a week since surgery. My how time really does fly by! So far... things have been going well with surgical recovery. It's been a slow, work in progress.


GI wise... well... that's another story. Side effects from anesthesia that put your entire digestive tract to sleep for almost an entire week. Tis reasons for not so much fun extreme nausea and waves of vomiting. The unwillingness to consume much of anything. Protein shakes... well... they haven't been too easy to consume either. But all is expected when you find yourself dropping a few pounds of weight. But you know what? These are just minor things. They are just minor set backs.

I have the world  ahead of me!

My surgeon had me come into his office today during his lunch break in order to address issues with another post-operative infection. Not only is my digestive system extremely slow when it comes to an anesthetic state of sleep. But so is my overall healing process. My body is just now beginning to show signs of healing. Crazy! At least all of the surgical bruising is finally starting to fade away. One grows tired of hiding indoors in fear that some folks will assume that Eric is a wife beater of some sorts. HAHAHAHA! No worries... we already had to explain my bruising to a few at our local bank. BAH! Even my surgeon's assistant got in a few of her own funnies regarding odd, but normal for me, various shades of bruising that is just now beginning to fade away. As she told my surgeon, "I sure hope she didn't give out the name of who did her surgery!" Hahahahaha! Once again... being called the 'special patient,' with some really special post-operative complications like another nasty infection. Another procedure, but a far shorter one today in order to drain the infection.

Eric wasn't given every little detail with regards to what my surgeon encountered during last weeks surgery. But today we both got full details of not just problems with my far too low blood pressure issues. But as well with bone tumors that literally crumbled on my surgeon which meant the need to cut far deeper than anticipated. Surgical incisions that we were told will take up to 5 months to heal. We were also told that I will need to have a few additional surgeries, surgical implants, to replace bone that had to be removed within the entire upper left portion of my jaw. I don't need to go into any further detail on how fortunate one can be to have such an amazing surgeon with decades of handling such highly complex cases as my unique case. Let's just say that sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words. I will handle the changes within the structure of my face. I will prepare, once again, for the necessary upcoming surgeries.

At the end of the day. It truly isn't the end of the world. It is just the beginning of one very lucky journey.

This evening, I received another call that will change my life for the better. Production will carry on into this new year out west. YAYYYY! WOO~HOO!! I can't wait for the opportunity to share some additional details! I am thankful for the producers who have not only remained patient with me, working around some unforeseen surgeries. But who still believe in this long awaited project for the world to see.

2018 is going to be one AMAZING year!

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: January 5, 2018 12:32 AM EST
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