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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
February 23, 2018
YOU Can Help! Please... Help Restore Our Little Lazy River Town^^^
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: Day 2970-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


It hasn't been an easy day waking up to an ever growing, flooding... water filled basement. The wait time for a plumber has went from 24-hours... to now... 3 days.

This rain has been down right brutal and with more rain on the way... easily predicted 3 inches of rain. We can only pray that last months temporary Band-Aid repairs help keep us from getting into any further trouble.

But you know what?

We have a house with a roof over our head. We have a main floor that maintains to still be dry from the constant rain. We have food, we have shelter and we have each other and that my friends is enough to get us by.

What's most important is remembering neighbors and friends that need our help now and through the coming months ahead from the flooding caused by the almighty River. Just trying to make our way around to a doctor's appointment today really tugged our heart strings. To see so many families scrambling to collect as many belongings as possible and vacate their homes that are in the way of the river rising... flooding.

Thanks be to American Red Cross who have set up a shelter close by for those families and their fur babies who are being displaced. 

Our hearts go out to those who are being greatly affected by the flooding in our little Lazy River Town. I have created a special video with information on how you can help those affected by the floods. For the video and more information click on the following link at our new Podcast-Blogcast website:

"Our Crazy Little Life"


Please don't forget to pass it along and share with others. Your help is truly needed and much appreciated. Thank you.

At the end of the day... we have each other.

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
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February 22, 2018
I'm In A Mood... A M-e-l-l-o-w... Mood...
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 2969-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


All this rain sure puts one in a mood... a M-E-L-L-O-W... mood.

Another great BLOGSTASTIC product review!

Who has tried this really mellow, smooth tasting peach raspberry tea in a can? Actually... made by the Marley Family themselves!

Really? No.. Reallyyyyyyy MAN... hehehehehehe!

If you haven't had the chance to taste this smooth tea that really does not only relax you, but tastes like something from the cabana on the beach. Then you are totally missing out! For anyone who doesn't do very well with iced tea, flavored tea or really any kind of tea. The Marley Family have created a hit list of some serious super tasty beverages that are sure to hit the spot! A delicate, flavorful, easy on the stomach spot!

The Mellow... Spot...

Created in partnership with Bob Marley’s family, the Marley Beverage Co. is committed to crafting products that are faithful to his legacy.

Bob lived naturally. He practiced a philosophy of enjoying only natural, unprocessed ingredients. With the strong belief in a higher power of how natural ingredients affect the body and mind. That’s where our story begins, with a commitment to great tasting, natural and functional beverages.



Onto the main course by Chef Eric... HA!

Another rainy day here along our little Lazy River Town also means a perfect opportunity to catch up on repairing and repainting the basement steps. Followed by another cooking class for Chef Eric, by little ole me. Hehehehehe!

Nothing has gone easy as far as repairs in our home of less than 2 years. We are doing our best to stick to a timely schedule on what is left as far as smaller repairs. The basement steps should had been a small repair and repaint project. But it seems the cheap wood board used behind the steps proved more difficult than anticipated to remove after someone used ginormous, far-too-long nails. Also the bottom step must had been an after thought, because clearly only using a few nails will not properly secure any bottom wooden step. The nails... they cracked the wood and another small project was then born. Gees! At least the reflective white paint by HGTV Sherwin Williams looks a million times better than the old 50's style, retro mint green paint! Hehehehehe! I can't wait to show off the 'after' photos... soon to come!

This evenings Chef Eric dish just happens to have something in common with our flooding river... fish. Actually, a far cleaner, most definitely better tasting fish and veggies. One can never go wrong with Tilapia and organic veggies! Two power coupled foods on a plate that is also powerful for the brain and the body! A dash of sea salt, organic Amish butter and 25 minutes in the oven on 375 degrees. Quick, delicious and oh-so-healthy! Chef Eric is on his way of making the next step dishes that will take a lot longer than 25 minutes. But so far... I give him a thumbs up for a perfectly cooked dinner! Fish and veggies for him... a protein shake for little ole me.

Bon Appetit!

Don't forget to catch up on Papa kitties online bird watching course and all our little Lazy River Town adventures at:



"Our Crazy Little Life"


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 23, 2018 9:06 AM EST
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February 21, 2018
Make A Life Long Journey... Out Of Growing :)
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2968-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


This new year means coming full circle... back to myself... with love.

I got my loving self back to walking the trails after needing to take a break for awhile. Health reasons that sometimes get in the way.

And you know what? I wasn't the walking, hiking beast that I used to be.

You know what else? It doesn't matter.

What does matter is that I got up, got dressed and showed up. I didn't show up for anyone else... but me.

I would be lying, if I didn't say that the past few months have been super tough! I've struggled. I've almost fell back into areas of relationships that have not served me well. During the past few months when times were tough... I have proved to myself that this gal is TOUGHER!

I know that I have been growing through it all because, in the midst of all the really hard stuff, I still didn't fall back on old coping mechanisms. I finally took the bull by the horns and got comfortable, being uncomfortable. I took it day-by-day. This year, I vow to continue to love myself with nothing... but love.

Having the emotional power and strength to say no to what does not serve you well is one of the best feelings you will ever experience in a lifetime. We all have the power to change... to change for the better. I may not have the strength and beast mode like I used to have while walking or hiking along the trails. But I don't let it stop me. I don't let my illness stop me. I don't even let the pain stop me.

Today was another day... a day to break free and go above and beyond any of even my expectations. Because at the end of the day. The most important expectations are what you set for yourself, by loving yourself and knowing that there are good days... and there will always be bad days. To see what is working and what's not.

But most importantly... to make a life long journey out of growing.



Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 22, 2018 3:56 AM EST
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February 20, 2018
"Our Top 10 Realtor Pet Peeves"
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 2967-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


Yep, we had to go here... and... here we go!

In light of this years housing market which seems to be starting off a bit like last year...

"Our Top 10 Realtor Pet Peeves"


#10. Not writing down accurate details on listing. If it states exterior material is vinyl siding... that doesn't equal pressed wood. Unless it was built back during the Abe Lincoln era.

#9. When you clearly know the land behind any given property has already been sold... to a land developer whom will be building a cookie cutter subdivision. This does not equal the peace and quiet any potential buyer is looking for that states in the beginning that they are looking for a quiet area. I may sleep with a sound machine-white noise, but that is definitely not the same as a bulldozer, jackhammers and other construction sounds.

#8. If a sex offender lives next door... it may not equal such a safe neighborhood as one may suggest it to be in the first place. Sure, people have the right to change. We all make mistakes. But shouldn't you be honest with whom you know lives next door, if you know that tad bit of important information ahead of time?.

#7. Hiding major home issues behind Grandma's antique oil paintings is a huge no-no! A golden rule to remember when hiding major flaws is that everything, in time, comes to surface.

#6. If the home smells like bad Yell socks that have been sitting for months. Why not take a few dollars and purchase some air fresheners before showing the home to a potential buyer. The first impression is a very important impression.

#5. Please be honest if you know what the current taxes are on a property instead of just trying to cover it up or guessing on your own. Nothing worse than to place an offer and then let the buyers know a week later that the taxes are on the high end... highest end with zero exemptions. $648.00 vs. $2,800... a HUGE difference!

#4. If you know the home has basement water issues. Just be honest! Do not attempt to hide the problem 24-hours before showing the property using fans and dehumidifiers. Some folks have a keen sense of smell when it comes to mold and mildew. Those whom have gone through radiation therapy and some forms of chemotherapy have an even stronger sense of smell... 10x stronger than the average person.

#3. Be honest with not just the potential buyer, but with yourself when making sure to include pictures of all the rooms within any given property when sending over the disclosure. Hiding a basement that looks like something out of 'Friday The 13th' is not only silly. But as for myself... I always ask to see the basement... first. If Jason is standing down there with a bucket and a boat...Surprised then clearly you have a water problem.

#2. No one wants to play the game of Trump. Unless you are the President, Donald Trump. Playing one offer against others in order to get the maximum commission makes you a sneaky realtor... not a good realtor.


#1. Do not list a property for sale or as a private owner with a property for sale, just for the sole reason of finding out this years current appraised value. We have personally had this happen to us and trust me by saying, it speaks volumes about those who do such a thing. Especially when finding out through research that the same home owner has done it not just once, but several times over the years. Tis a great way to show others that you not only do not have a conscious. But what a downright sneaky, dishonest individual that you look like to others. Don't waste other folks valuable time. Invest $500.000 and buy your own appraisal. To any potential buyers during this years open market... we have some words of advice, "Never, ever share your appraisal with anyone, but the bank representative on the other end of the phone."

And there you go... our Top 10 Realtor Pet Peeves... from our own personal experience. It should be no surprise to anyone why we plan on making sure to sell our home privately and with a local real estate attorney. Less than $600, compared to over $10,000+ using a realty company.

You do the math! Wink It really is a no-brainer!


Don't forget to check out today's Podcast-Blogcast at, "Our Crazy Little Life."

Living in a little, lazy, river town really does mean being one with the river! What an eye-opening video of where we used to walk along the river trails while capturing the amazing strength of the all mighty river! 


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 22, 2018 3:16 AM EST
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February 19, 2018
Rounding Off A SWIFFER Clean Sweep HoliDAY~ ;)
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 2966-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


We both have watched the latest video of super silly Babyblue vs. a SWIFFER clean SWEEP so many times now that we both lost track! Hahahahaha! If you haven't had a chance to check out today's Podcast-Blogcast video at, "Our Crazy Little Life," you certainly don't want to miss this one! Hahahahaha!


What didn't start off on a very funny day was literally having to reschedule today's rescan for tomorrow. I could not get comfortable at all with the nagging tumor pressure and pain. It also started firing up seizure aura... so needless to say... the radiologist felt it would be best to come in tomorrow afternoon. This way I could take my medication and let my brain and body rest. It took until around 11am for the pill to finally kick in, but finally I was able to go to sleep... Geesh!! I can't wait to get this next surgery over and done! I would much rather just get this one over with so if there is something that can be done surgically, at least it might lead up to far better days. More good days to enjoy life and share plenty of smiles and laughter with our little family. The new surgeon who took over my case will be performing surgery early next week in a hospital setting where at least they can handle any issues right then and there, not having to go under the surgical lights more than a few times over and over again. The past few months have literally been a huge learning curve for myself and Eric. Just because one, two, three or even more than four surgeons may not feel that nothing surgically can be further done on a far more complex medical case. Doesn't necessarily mean that every other surgeon will feel that exact same way. Each and every surgeon is truly different and unique when it comes to their expertise and personal opinions on far more complex medical cases. I am fortunate to now have come across my third surgeon in this still so very new... new year. Three new surgeons who are willingly wanting to go above and beyond so this gal can see far better days ahead. Amen!

On a far brighter note... literally... Eric is now working on the basement steps as we are close to finishing up this latest home repair project. We still are working on a second back up plan. Right now there is no way I could handle the drive across the great USA, our final move to the beautiful red rock mountains out west. It's important that we still have a second back up plan! One particular property that Eric was ready to place an offer on the other day with over 30 acres of land, just happens to be a bit further out in the country. But once again... these crazy realtors and their sneaky ways of not being upfront and honest on their property listings and disclosures. Ummmm... waiting until the bank sends over the approval and then NOW telling Eric that another area of the property still has work that needs to be done?? Like... major type of work?? Yea... these realtors in this day and age and their never-ending realtor games. More of our top 10 Realtor Funnies to come tomorrow. Trust me... they are good ole funnies that I am sure anyone can totally relate to when it comes to buying or selling a home. At least... by our own personal experiences! Hehehehehehe!


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 20, 2018 3:09 AM EST
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February 18, 2018
Tapping Into My Creative Genes! :)
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 2965-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


Tis was very much a relaxing, take it easy, kind of Sunday... zzzzzz...

We have another early morning wake up call so my surgeon can get a bit better imaging before surgery. The scheduling department called yesterday so they could give me my new surgery date, but I was fast asleep! Of course, I am definately awake now after getting over 12 hours of some seriously rest. My body asked... and I delivered, along with Eric who said he got a bit too much sleep. Hahahaha! 

After sifting through the rest of our videos and photos of the overnight stay at a very historic barnhouse located in Kentucky. We came across this quite interesting photo that was taken in the parlor room. Eric was playing the piano... or at least trying... while I was sitting back taking random pictures of the property. Two pieces of our ITC equipment are visibly seen below this sort of spectacular white energy that seems to be reaching for an old stuffed animal that we placed along with our equipment, on top of the piano. We didn't come across this photo until earlier yesterday evening. After going through other photos and videos of the exact same room and area on top of the old piano. We have no solid explanation of what appears to be someone reaching for the old stuffed animal that we found up in the attic and placed on top of the piano earlier in the evening during our overnight visit. A few that we shared the photo with did also make mention that they firmly believe this to be some sort of energy... possibly from whomever was present within the parlor room while Eric was playing the piano. What an amazing capture of what really does appear to be someone reaching for the stuffed animal! The current owners have other information that suggests of a young girl that still resides within the old historic barnhouse. Could it be the little girl? I guess the only way one will ever find out... is in the afterlife. I am so glad to had captured such an amazing photo!

With it being Eric's rotating off days from work over the next few days. We plan on crossing off a few smaller projects around the house on our spring to-do list. While this gal takes it easy... Eric will be busy! We both can't wait to have the remaining touch ups finished by mid spring so this house can finally be listed on the open market. So far... it really is slim pickings for buyers. It's a sellers market around here, but hopefully just the opposite out west. Us buyers need our options too!

Talking about a fun way to make the time go by on my not-so-great days! I believe to have literally tapped into another part of my creative genes... videography! 

I haven't had this much fun in a very long time while sharing a bit of video fun with everyone on our new website, Podcast~Blogcast...

"Our Crazy Little Life!"


Now don't forget to turn up your sound with this Sunday Night Sibling Fight video! Hehehehehe!


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 19, 2018 3:41 AM EST
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February 17, 2018
Don't Forget To Pay It Forward!
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2964-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


Look who came to visit me this morning!

Too sweet of the same five deer that now wait for me by the basement door each and every morning. 6:45am sharp and always right on time! Hehehehehe! They actually started doing this new routine earlier this week after watching me get their food and water together. They won't step on the concrete section of our back porch due to Snoreo seeing them from the upstairs window. His deep, loud German Shepherd bark is enough to scare anyone! Thankfully the deer are now used to his bark and seeing him watch them eat from the upstairs living room window. What is there not to love about watching such beautiful animals... a gift from God.

I had a special front row, VIP meeting that was suppose to happen tomorrow evening with Luke Bryan. Yep, front and center, VIP seats for two. I have been pushing myself over the past 24-hours to feel a bit better which even meant walking along the river trails this evening. Finding a way to walk down the nagging tumor pain, nausea and overall feeling... BLAH. It's hard to really plan anything ahead when dealing with ongoing medical issues that could make a three hour drive feel like eternity. Eric's friend from the armory offered us the tickets a few days ago. Him and his wife were suppose to go, but are unable to attend. I am so thankful that they thought of us. But such as with life... it's really hard to plan ahead, whether alone hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute. Sorry Luke, but we will have to postpone our VIP meet and greet for another concert... another day. I did text Eric while he was at work this evening, just in case I might be feeling a bit better. But so far... no dice. It looks like Mr.Tumor might just win for this time around... sigh

At least I have been able to still stay productive over this weekend while putting together the fifth wig donation which will be going to Panama City, Panama later this summer. The Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign has been accepting new and gently used wigs, hair extensions and other hair accessories over the past four years. This will be our fifth donation to help bring miles of smiles to the beautiful women of Guatemala and Panama who suffer from hair loss due to various medication conditions. Their smiles truly say it all! 

There are so many ways to pay it forward to help make our world a far gently, kinder, much better place. Why not find a way for you and your family to pay it forward this new year? There are so many organizations that are looking for a helping hand. Even a few hours during the weekend can help assist those who could really use your generosity, time and dedication. Why not even begin a new tradition with your family by helping to collect items for your local food pantry or animal shelter. There are so many items in need each and every day. You would be surprised how many folks are truly willing to help offer their assistance. All you have to do is ask. Pay it forward!

Talking about miles of smiles... 

Don't forget to check out today's crazy pet toy video on our new Podcast~Blogcast website, "Our Crazy Little Life!"



The question of the day... is that really 'my' laughing in the background or...? That darn WobbleWagGiggle toy! Hahahahaha!  

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 18, 2018 9:17 AM EST
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February 16, 2018
Life... Really Is A... Journey.
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: Day 2963-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


The phone literally felt as if it was ringing non-stop through out the entire day. What we both need to focus on this weekend is catching up on some much needed rest. Also doing our best to get back on some sort of sleep schedule. Eric working third shift then getting home to find ourselves having to attend another 3-4 hours of important medical appointments, real estate matters, rambunctious fur children needing to get their energy out at our local parks and every other little thing that pops up in between equals two extremely exhausted folks. Me... him... US.

We promise that tomorrow morning it's early lights out for both of us. Actually, for all of us.

So many plans that now need, back up plans. That pretty much sums up every aspect of our lives. The third option before moving out of state didn't go through due to medical issues that got in the way. We are now back down to only two options to make our move as smooth as possible. Surgery that was set for Monday is now in the hands of a very prominent surgeon within our home state of Indiana. After testing revealed more problems than the other group of urologists that are located back across state lines in Ohio could handle. We had no other choice but to be referred two days ago to the surgeon who will be bravely going where no one is quite sure what will be found. That is pretty much what we were told after they worked us quickly into their schedule, less than 24-hours after realizing that a group facility, outpatient care, wasn't enough for my upcoming surgery. I will need a full surgical suite due to other issues that will need to be addressed during surgery. The other urology group prefers to do everything at their private surgical facility, outpatient surgery. But after most recent radiology reports came back this week... I will need inpatient surgery with a full surgical suite.

Honestly, I feel more at ease in the hands of this highly experienced surgeon who has handled some really impressive, yet complex medical cases. Quite a few high profile medical cases within the United States government. A who's-who of many whom have sought his expertise. With over 38 years of handling some of the most unique, yet highly complex cases... this is the right surgeon for me.

We were told that a stent will be put in place to help keep my kidney from once again becoming blocked. The largest ovarian tumor still remains defiant and ever-so-growing, while causing secondary complications with surrounding organs. There are other issues that will be handled while I am under anesthesia. My surgeon thoroughly explained to us that they plan on making sure to handle everything one time around... not two or three. Radiation therapy really did a number to my surrounding organs and that really has my doctors concerned. We were told two days ago that things have gotten worse and overtime to anticipate medical issues to not get any better. Medically, things will progress. Those words are like a broken record.

I really was hopeful with the prior urologist and their group doing my surgery since my lead radiation oncology is also part of their group. But sometimes life happens... things happen and those things will sometimes be out of your control.

Just smile, relax and take a deep breath... b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Life... it truly is a journey.

Some days... it is your journey.

Other times... it is someone else's journey. 

One thing that remains true through out this journey? All the good times, so many amazing times through out the journey. So many once-in-a-lifetime adventurers of such a crazy little life. 

I have zero regrets. I wouldn't change a thing. 

This year is our year. A new year to embrace all the good that life has to offer. A year to accept change and literally embrace it with open arms. Medically... I also welcome and embrace the ever growing change that comes with still looking for that cure. It just would never be me... to give up or give in. 

Life isn't about the road that you have traveled. It's about the journey that got you to that road... all the windy hills and bumps along the way~


Did someone just say... JOURNEY?! Like... the rock group, JOURNEY?


Come join us on our adventures!

 Don't forget to check our, "Crazy Little Life," Podcast~Blogcast:



Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 17, 2018 4:12 AM EST
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February 15, 2018
Just Be... YOU! :)
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2962-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


You will never be a peaceful person trying to explain yourself to others.

Don't even try.

Live with light. Do right.

Those that get it... do.

Those that don't... not everyone is going to get it.

Love yourself, be kind to yourself, learn to embrace what makes you different.

Be that magical, mystical, absolutely WONDERFUL... YOU!


The ourcrazylittlelife’s Podcast~Blogcast


Join us for our Podcast~Blogcast episodes of our CRAZY little life! :)


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 3:56 AM EST
Updated: February 15, 2018 4:03 AM EST
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February 14, 2018
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2961-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


By the looks of what Babyblue is holding tightly with her soon-to-be adult teeth. It must be...


What a super cutie to see staring back at me after finally catching up on some much needed rest! The once used to be super dark raccoon baby husky circles around her eyes are quickly beginning to fade away... where-oh-where do the puppy years go? Babyblue is growing up far too quickly. Literally in a BLINK of an eye!

We began our Valentine's Day bright and early this morning. A 6:30am wake up call to get up, get dressed and head out the door to brave the morning rush hour traffic. Rain+Ohio drivers= never arriving on time when in need to stick to a schedule. I dread making the trek across state lines, but sometimes it is what it is to see a few of my specialists. We still have a mess on our hands with a lot of confusion between our insurance company and the surgical facility. I think it is great that some specialists group together and invest into their own offices and surgical center. But it does make for a lot of great confusion and being in the dark when it comes to who covers and who doesn't cover private, physician owned surgical centers. My urologist works with the same group as my prior radiation oncologist. We were told 2 weeks ago that our insurance would cover the testing, surgery, biopsies and part of the 15 weeks worth of experimental outpatient treatment. But of course... yesterday we receive an entirely different message left on Eric's cell phone voicemail.

However... today is all about celebrating the most SWEETEST, CHOCOLATELY, SUGAR-RUSH DAYS of the year!

Time to have one of the most HAPPIEST of HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY with my sweetie and our absolutely adorable fur children! Even a little rain couldn't damper our spirits on this far sweeter day of spending time together. One very happy little family!

Blessed? You BET! I am one very lucky gal to have such a loving little family... spending time together on Valentine's Day~

Hey there! Yea you! Come join US on our new website! A Podcast-Blogcast of a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

 "Our Crazy Little Life"



Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 15, 2018 1:26 AM EST
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