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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
May 20, 2017
Ahhhhh... Life With A German Shepherd... Snoreo~
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 2693-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Ahhhhh... Life with a German Shepherd... Tis ALWAYS a learning experience!

Meet our 3 years young, 93 pound Mr. Snoreo who is every bit a German Shepherd. A really BIG BABY German Shepherd who is also extremely fond of anything that smells or tastes fruity. HA!

His favorite past-time? Begging for any of my super fruity scented and flavored EOS lip balms. Heeheeheeheehee!

We could never figure out why he has such a crazy EOS fruit lip balm addiction, but he does. Yep, blame it on the German Shepherd genes after quickly finding out from his trainer that ALL German Shepherds love anything fruity. I could be standing on the opposite end of the house, twisting open the round top of my pink grapefruit EOS lip balm and POOF! There is Snoreo! Hahahahaha!

I personally have never raised a German Shepherd. Snoreo is actually a mix of German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute and the little Caesar dog food mascot breed, West Highland White Terrier. Talking about one strange mix! But we do have Snoreo's genetic lab results to prove his sometimes quite odd, yet every single bit German Shepherd looks and mentality. Smart? YOU BET! Although we tend to believe the only Siberian Husky side of Snoreo is his one single blue eye. His large bone structure is every bit a mixture of German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute. Temper tantrums seem to be the Caesar dog side of Snoreo. Hahahahahaha!

For those who own a German Shepherd or a special kind of German Shepherd, like our Snoreo, here are few really funny facts. All... TRUE!

As for Snoreo? He's still fixated on my pink grapefruit EOS. Heeheeheehee!

Always wanting to know your business all the time. Expect to be followed everywhere, even into the bathroom. Busybody who wants to know where you are and what you are doing at all times.

Get ready to play rough! Be ready for an intense playtime! Always take time-outs so that the play doesn't get too overwhelming.

Negative public perceptions. Thanks to the media, history, popular culture, and surely many mishandled, don't expect to receive a very warm public reaction when outdoors. Some people might automatically get scared due to what they may hear or perceive. We have seen lots of mixed reactions from people who will literally take their time to walk around us and Snoreo to even those who will literally wait in their car until we are out of sight with Snoreo. Hahahaha! Trust me. His objective by breed is to make you as intimidated as possible! But underneath it all, he really just wants your attention. ALLLLL of your attention and lots of spoiling! Heeheeheehee!

Be prepared for some serious vocal demands. I have seen some big baby whiners in my lifetime. But Snoreo takes the cake! He most definitely takes after his German Shepherd side when it comes to constantly talking, whining and all sorts of strange barking. He will whine for all sorts of reasons! Excitement, joy, stress, to get attention, food, etc. Sometimes he will just whine or talk for no reason.

You don't own the furniture. German Shepherds own the furniture in your house. Snoreo is a couch and recliner hog. He doesn't just sit, oh NO, he literally OWNS the couch and recliner. Ready to sit down? Best just take to the floor!

Life with a German Shepherd... In all honesty...

We wouldn't have it any other way



Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 22, 2017 2:40 AM EDT
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May 19, 2017
"Humble And Kind"
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2692-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Are you just living life? Or are you evolving with life? Have you made an effort, a true effort to change?.

I have today, and I encourage you to do the same.

Today was only three times in a course of a little over a year that I have seen my parents. It's unfortunate that family differences, among one another, had created such dysfunction. But you know what? It only takes one small step forward, to change. A small step in the right direction.

Today... Was that day.

Thank you to both of my parents whom stepped forward to be there for myself and Eric. Sure, we might not all see eye-to-eye in the past. But what we can do together, no matter what family you come from, is take one small step. Even a small step forward, brings with it, change. A positive change. A change for the better out of respect and realizing once again, the unconditional love for one another.

I encourage everyone, including my other estranged family, my sibling and their children, to do the same. Embrace... Change.


"Humble And Kind"

You know there's a light that glows by the front door
Don't forget the key's under the mat
When childhood stars shine,
Always stay humble and kind

Go to church 'cause your mamma says to
Visit grandpa every chance that you can
It won't be wasted time
Always stay humble and kind

Hold the door, say "please", say "thank you"
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb
But always stay humble and kind
When the dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride
But always stay humble and kind

Don't expect a free ride from no one
Don't hold a grudge or a chip and here's why:
Bitterness keeps you from flyin'
Always stay humble and kind

Know the difference between sleeping with someone
And sleeping with someone you love
"I love you" ain't no pick-up line
So always stay humble and kind

Hold the door, say "please", say "thank you"
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb
But always stay humble and kind
When those dreams you're dreamin' come to you
When the work you put in is realized
Let yourself feel the pride
But always stay humble and kind

When it's hot, eat a root beer popsicle
Shut off the AC and roll the windows down
Let that summer sun shine
Always stay humble and kind

Don't take for granted the love this life gives you
When you get where you're going don't forget turn back around
And help the next one in line
Always stay humble and kind
(written by Lori McKenna)

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
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May 18, 2017
Tax Dollars Hard At Work~Medical Grants~Thank YOU! :)
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: Day 2691-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


This is what makes me  truly happy!

The 3 Kitty Amigos enjoying each others company while taking in an early afternoon nap. It's the little things in life, when least expected, that bring me the most joy~LOVE

Regardless of hardships and struggles that each one of us will endure through out our lifetime. There are still plenty of reasons to be happy. There are endless reasons to smile. For me... It will always be the little things. Like my first accomplishment today putting together a new vacuum while Eric ran a few errands. I even surprised myself! TADA!! With a household of fur children. We tend to be quite hard on vacuums. I have lost track on how many we have went through over the years. Far too many to count! Yep, it's that OCD neat-freak in me! Blame it on the ole genetics. Heeeheeheehee!

I can't believe that the weekend is once again quickly upon us. Where does the time go? This year is already flying by, yet we still have so many things left to accomplish on our full plate. Medically, I still have a lot to accomplish and overcome. I am thankful to have the little things in life to truly enjoy. Each new experimental treatment most definitely puts life in a whole new perspective, not just for myself, but as well for Eric. We have learned a great deal. I will have to admit that each new treatment brings with it an entirely new found appreciation for life. I have lived, learned and yet I still find myself learning something new each and every day.

Happiness for me is enjoying what the good Lord has created for all of us. It's the little things that I appreciate and respect so much more! 

Within such a short amount of time. What I have learned to also be thankful for is where some of our hard earned tax dollars go. Tax money hard at work helping others. I wasn't always on disability. SSD was not by my choice, but rather because I had no choice, medically. Like most americans. I worked through out my lifetime. Like most americans. I also paid my fair share of taxes through out my lifetime. Yet, I was never fully aware of where some of our tax dollars go with regards to government grants.

There are patients, like myself, who are blessed enough to benefit from medical grants. Tax money hard at work helping those who fight each and every single day for another chance at life. Far better days. This bill we received today in the mail signifies how some of those tax dollars help fund grants. For myself, rare cancer grants. Ongoing experimental oncology treatments that are not covered by insurance companies. If it weren't for our tax dollars hard at work. I wouldn't be so fortunate as I am today.

Humble? That is an understatement!

This is only a mere amount out of a total $37,275 that we have to pay. Such a small amount for experimental treatments that could possibly help me to continue living far better days ahead. Without being so sick, without being in so much pain and without worrying if we can afford the next experimental drug or treatment.

I am one of many patients who benefit from government funded medical grants. Rare cancer grants allow for me to receive costly medication that is as well not covered by our insurance company. All I can say is thank YOU. Thank you for allowing myself along with so many other patients the chance to fight in order to see and most importantly, enjoy far better days.

Thank you for helping to make rare cancer grants possible.

Thank YOU!

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 20, 2017 4:41 AM EDT
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May 17, 2017
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: Day 2690-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


You just KNOW it's going to be one CRAZY day when you wake up to find a trail of some sort of shredded paper all over the house.


That was until we made our way into the kitchen and towards the dining room only to find... One very, v-e-r-y guilty Mittens kitty looking right at us while literally shredding the last of a brand new roll of paper towels. OH BOY! Yep, this is just the beginning of her soon-to-be terrible two's. Who's to say that fur children don't as well go through the terrible two's stage same as human children?. Pfffff! I beg to differ because they are both the same. It's been one very interesting new found terrible two's moment after another lately with Mittens kitty. But quite honestly, it's pretty darn funny! Heeheeheehee!

We are going on almost 14 days, 2 weeks since YOLO went literally bust with a first of three defective slide pulley systems that ricocheted screws and cables out of the wall. What should had only been a mere week or less of an issue has now turned into the largest mountain out of a molehill yet! If things couldn't get any stranger or more of a scam. Yep, they did!

First off. We have yet for anyone to keep in touch with us on what the heck is going on with a 6-week, new YOLO coach. We have been the ones making all of the phone calls. Yet, Camping World and Heartland Corporation have been barely doing anything. As of finding out first-hand after making one phone call to the Camping World location in Indiana who is suppose to had already received the defective coach. They informed us late this afternoon on the phone that it's still sitting at the original Camping World dealership. Back in Ohio. Not where it should had been since Monday as we were told.

I have been desperately trying to keep my cool during this latest round of BS. But this evening things took an even stranger, far biggest scam yet! Then... I lost my cool. HAHAHAHA! Perfect smiley, yet HILARIOUS!

The resolution was either for Camping World to buy back the defective camper or to switch out the new model for another new non-defective model. Instead of just resolving matters in a timely fashion. Camping World has insisted they can not fix the issue, defects and now other damage that has been sustained from it sitting on their lot now for almost 2 weeks. We even had to get others involved on the matter since we were in the process of finally vacating our unsafe, sinking foundation home. Now we are back in limbo since finding out that Camping World still has YOLO, a defective coach camper still sitting on the same lot as of late this evening. This was told by the other Camping World location whom did not feel the need to lie for their other location nor General Manager. One would think that the General Manager, who is the same individual who not only lied to us, but a few others with regards to information regarding fixing the defective mechanical slide system would had known better. The same General Manager had even informed us earlier this week that they are not sure if it's even possible for Camping World RV technicians to repair the defects and damage. Heartland Corporation refuses to now have it shipped back to their company. The company who made the defective mechanical slide system in the first place.

So... This is where YOU the BUYER needs to be fully AWARE!

We do not have any further time to waste. I decided to be the bigger person in this great big mess and offer to trade in YOLO for another model made by a different manufacturer. This was yesterday that I made the offer, in which, this evening the General Manager and Sales Manager took me up on the offer. I was offering to purchase another, far better made, higher quality fifth wheel in exchange of trading in YOLO. This would had cut down on all the BS and waiting game that is absolutely going nowhere. One would had thought that Camping World would had learned a lesson that this gal is far from stupid. I have done my legal homework, among other things regarding RV's. One would had thought that the same dealership whom sold us the wrong camper to start with would had learned a lesson not to scam the same consumer twice. Me. But no... OH NO... The same exact Camping World location, General Manager and Sales Manager learned absolutely nothing from trying to scam me the first time around. Now a second time as of this evening.

BEWARE, you the BUYER when purchasing any new or used RV from Camping World or any other RV dealership. Do your homework!

Let's just say that I personally did mine. I also caught Camping World literally marking up the same fifth wheel I was attempting to purchase. I made a great attempt in trying to work with the same individuals only to quickly bust them trying to scam me, the customer. Again! TWICE! If you try to pull the following links up and they are no longer active. It might be because the same Camping World location is quickly covering their tracks. Another scam in the making. RV Trader is an online company where businesses such as Camping World list their dealer stock online. The fifth wheel we offered to purchase by trading in our defect so we could finally close this stressful chapter is the same model and stock number as listed on the same Camping World dealership, also listed with RV Trader. This means that Camping World not only has the same Montana Mountaineer fifth wheel listed for sale on RV Trader, but right as we asked to purchase it, Camping World then altered the price up to over $15,000 MORE on their specific location dealership website. A mere 5 minutes later!


Here are the two links. You do the math.



It's one thing to had initially sold us the wrong RV. If they would had sold us the right one, we might not be going through this entire mess. But to now scam us, again, by altering the price up $15,011 is not only a scam, but it's illegal to do so when you have the listing online with a reputable business that has merchant guidelines, rules and regulations. Camping World... Just another great consumer scam in the making.

TrampleWorld is more like it! Nothing like someone literally stealing over $15,000 right underneath your nose. "TRYING." That's the keyword!

Never underestimate ones intelligence.


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2017 5:05 AM EDT
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May 16, 2017
LOVE~Date Night :)
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2689-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Time for the happiest part of the week!

~LOVEDate Night~

So far it's been a mighty busy and quite stressful month of May. We both have been looking forward to taking a much needed time-out in order to enjoy a very relaxing and low-key date night. YAYYYY!

First off... We have some absolutely WONDERFUL news to share regarding our miracle fur child, Littleblue.

So far, it appears that the cancerous tumor has shown no signs of regrowth from the original surgical site. This means that the chances of having clean margins is very high! Of course we had one super talented and beyond amazing surgeon, Dr. T! Over 45 years of surgical expertise certainly made all the difference in the world! Myself, Eric and our very lucky Littleblue are forever grateful for his urgent surgical assistance. Our dear friend and surgeon saved Littleblue's life! Dr. T is one of the remaining 5% of good, kind, compassionate souls still left here on earth. A few of our friends also strongly believe that sadly there are not enough good people still left in this world. A mere 5% and with that 5% we all need to take extra special care of such kindred souls that walk among us. God's angels. With Dr. T's retirement soon over the horizon. He has been enjoying another great and quite spectacular new found talent... Painting beautiful masterpieces such as his latest collection of Spring.

Speaking of spring...

It most definitely didn't feel much like spring here in the country. So we opted for a late date night this evening. A super relaxing, peaceful walk along the river as we shared quite a few laughs under the moon with the stars twinkling around us. We might not do the traditional types of date nights, but being together is what counts. US is what matters the most. Through the rough patches and huge hurdles to jump along the path of life. We vow to take the good with the bad and most importantly do so TOGETHER.


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2017 3:37 AM EDT
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May 15, 2017
One Word... BAH!
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 2688-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


It's going to be one very HOT week in the country! WOOOO~WEEEE! SIZZLIN!


I have been doing as well as anticipated with my newest round of treatments. There are days, like today, when just trying to sit up from my couchbed can be tough. It does take me awhile to get going, but once I do this gal refuses to stop! I plan on fighting this round as hard as ever! I know it's not going to be easy. Especially on days like today, but for all of my upcoming good days. I know it's going to be soooooo worth it!

This afternoon we saw our first when it comes to Mama goose and her babies. Too cute! We used to see geese all of the time back in Ohio. Here in the country it's rare to see geese. What we do see are way too many mammoth size vultures. Quite annoying big ole son of a guns! Especially when you are taking the trash out to the curb for local pick up and the vultures try getting into the cans before you can even get them to the top of the driveway. What is even crazier happens to be a little FYI for our safety when tossing Snoreo's Nerf football at our local park. Eric tossed Snoreo's black and white striped Nerf football while two huge hawks almost ended up catching it before Snoreo could even get to it. Hahahahaha! Eric's facial expression as I yelled out across the field, "Watch out for the hawks above your head!!" PRICELESS! Hahahahaha!

No matter what... We both have instantly fell in love with life in the country.

Our little, lazy, river town hit a record 91 degrees today and although that sure sounds mighty HOT! Taking a walk along the river trails wasn't nearly as hot as one would expect. The cool breeze from the river was actually quite refreshing! Normally there is no way in hell I could walk in this kind of heat, but I actually was able to enjoy a walk with Eric later this afternoon along the river trails. Living in the country certainly does come with it's many advantages compared to living in the city. Would we ever go back to life in the city? Sure. When unicorns fly and take us to our final destination. Nevada. Heeheeheehee! In all reality, we are still moving forward with our final destination plans. There are a few documents that Eric is still having problems with retrieving from the military. But all good things truly do come to those who wait. This I DO believe!

I had debated on how I would handle a little scab of a comment regarding myself on social media from dysfunctional family thanks to two employees heads-up this morning. However, I have come to realize that some folks just don't deserve a place any further in my blog. Their chapter has ended in my life. I have moved on and filled my life with those who love me unconditionally. Friends who are now my family. Love with truly no boundaries.

Sure, I can anticipate that quite a few expected me to come back with guns-a-blazing! But I have learned by a lifetime of experience that you can't keep stooping down to other folks levels. I would like to say that this is where the story changes. I have changed for the better.

And... With that folks. Eric would like to leave you with his bestest RuPaul drag queen impersonation as TRosey Cheek.


Life is far too short not to be happy and ALWAYS remember to LAUGH~


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2017 2:24 AM EDT
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May 14, 2017
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2687-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Talking about one very lucky Mom!

I am one VERY LUCKY Fur Mom, as well Wildlife Mom!

Eric likes to call me, "Mother Wildlife."

This Mother's Day, I am reminded of so many blessings that all of my beloved fur children have blessed me with through out my entire life. What can I say? Some Moms were meant to be human Moms. While others of us were born to be Fur Moms and Wildlife Moms.

I am blessed to be both 

Being a pet Mom, fur Mom and Wildlife Mom means a lot of things. Whether you have reptiles, fish, cats, dogs, birds or horses, being Mama to any kind of pet or wildlife animal is rewarding. They enrich our lives in countless ways; ways for which we could never repay them.

In honor of all pet Mom's, fur Mom's and wildlife Mom's. Here are some of the reasons why we are the luckiest Mom's of all!

~You'll never have to be alone. Through the good times and the bad, your fur children will always be there for you. You'll never have to be alone. Literally ever. Not even in the bathroom. Or when you are cooking.

~Fur children will always have your back. You're Mom, and what you say, goes. You're also the one that feeds them. And snuggles them. And lets them sleep under the covers. So basically, they'll support anything you do.

~You'll always have a nurse. When you're sick, you'll always have someone to nurse you back to health. Or at least a cuddle partner on the couch until you feel better.

~You always have a second set of eyes. No matter what you do, you always have a witness. Because you're always being watched.

~You're never without an exercise partner. There is always someone willing to play. Whether it's going for a walk, or playing inside, or going for a hike. You always have a companion ready and willing to get some playtime in.

~Fur children keep you on your toes with endless entertainment and help keep your mind sharp. Keeping them occupied and out of trouble, as well as sufficiently entertained, will be sure to keep you on top of your game and sharp as a tack!

~Loving and caring for such wonderful fur children forces you to see things from a different perspective. Being able to see things from their eyes is a helpful tool in life.

~Fur children give you something to be thankful for. Love, the constant attention, and support all comes from being their Mama.

Most importantly...


NO ONE will love you like your fur children. They live for the moments that they get to be with you. From the second you leave the house, to the moment you come home. You are all they think about. That feeling can't be beat!



Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 18, 2017 1:14 AM EDT
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May 13, 2017
When Life Hands You Lemons... LAUGH! :)
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 2686-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


There are far too many serious things in life that sometimes all we need is just a reason or two to turn that frown UPSIDE~DOWN!

Today was all about... Laughter and lots of it!


This past week has been way too stressful for both of us. Far too many mountains that folks unnecessarily created out of mere molehills. I don't get it? Doesn't anyone understand that life is far too short to take so seriously? All we really need to do is laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and it's free too!

Eric's attempt at photo edit drag... HAHAHAHA!

Here are a few more reasons why laughter is the best thing we can do in life for me and for you!

Laughter relaxes the whole body. A good, hearty laugh relieves physical tension and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes after.

Laughter boosts the immune system. Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease.

Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

Laughter protects the heart. Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

Laughter burns calories. OK, so it’s no replacement for going to the gym, but one study found that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day can burn about 40 calories—which could be enough to lose three or four pounds over the course of a year.

Laughter lightens anger’s heavy load. Nothing diffuses anger and conflict faster than a shared laugh. Looking at the funny side can put problems into perspective and enable you to move on from confrontations without holding onto bitterness or resentment.

Laughter may even help you to live longer. A study in Norway found that people with a strong sense of humor outlived those who don't laugh as much. The difference was particularly notable for those battling cancer.

Laughter stops distressing emotions. You can’t feel anxious, angry, or sad when you’re laughing.

Laughter helps you relax and recharge. It reduces stress and increases energy, enabling you to stay focused and accomplish more.

Laughter shifts perspective, allowing you to see situations in a more realistic, less threatening light. A humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and diffuse conflict.

Laughter draws you closer to others, which can have a profound effect on all aspects of your mental and emotional health.

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 14, 2017 3:05 AM EDT
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May 12, 2017
A Most BEAUTIFUL Day In God's Country! :)
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2685-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Crisp cool temperatures, clear skies and lots of beautiful sunshine!


Today was a perfect day to get out and enjoy the great outdoors before the heat and humidity return early next week!

I have just started a new treatment. Although, it's completely different than my other treatments that I have tried over this past year. I still remain to do my best to get out and enjoy life.

My new motto? Seize the day, hour, minute & second!

That includes our entire little family. Even our fur children who have an absolute blast playing with their human parents in the lush green grass. Our new site for YOLO has lots of land for us to enjoy some family time. There is also plenty of places to go fishing, hiking, biking and even golf! Yep, that's in the making! Who knows what this summer will bring as far as the weather. I sure won't dare to predict, but in the meantime we are going to enjoy this beautiful day and perfect weather!

A little football, a nice walk along the river trails and ending the evening watching the sun slowly disappear out on the open land...

 A picturesque end to a most beautiful day in God's country


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: May 14, 2017 2:32 AM EDT
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May 11, 2017
My Blog :)
Mood:  lucky
Now Playing: Day 2684-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Hope means being an example of light.


When life feels of nothing, but complete hopeless, helpless darkness. Yet still finding the light is what keeps me going.

That... Silver Lining.

During my absent of this blog. I have reflected on what exactly this blog means to me. What it means to others.

I hope that my blog continues to make a difference to someone else along the way. To provide light through darkness. To bring hope through out this crazy place we call life.

Our own unique, special and quite magical journey.


Hope is being able to see that there is light...


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 11:53 PM EDT
Updated: May 11, 2017 11:57 PM EDT
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