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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
May 25, 2018
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Day 3060-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining

We're so excited to post this latest news that we can't hardly stand it! 

After all your further requests and making it your #1 video of our new, "Our Crazy Little Life" podcast~blogcast entertainment channel... we are proud to announce folks that "RUNNIN' ON COFFEE" is now officially... 





That's right! We're going to be doin' not just 1, not only 2, but 3 episodes of "RUNNIN' ON COFFEE" series podcast~blogcast episodes per week! And you know... by the looks of today's episode... there's going to be a third character here in the makin'!

Hold up! Wait a minute! Well... we guess she's already here!



 Now don't forget to continue sharin' the love... the smiles and please share the laughter with T-Mobile now offerin' all military and Veterans 50% off Family Lines!

Yep! You sure heard us right!

50% off Family Lines for all military and veterans! 



That's one steal of a deal as we even lowered our household cell phone bill from $130.00 a month to now $80.00 a month with unlimited-talk-text-data and so many other included features!

From one veteran family to so many others... thank YOU for your service!


And without further Ado... here's the newest episode located on the following link, "Our Crazy Little Life"







  "Our Crazy Little Life"



 You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web for FREE at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

 The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast



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May 24, 2018
It's A Good Day For Some RANTIN' N RAMBLIN'
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 3059-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining

There's really nothing quite like ending a long day with some good ol' belly laughs or two or three or four....

We best enjoy this weather while it lasts before the upcoming holiday weekend brings with it high temperatures and lots of humidity here in our little Lazy River Town.


Speaking of swimming pools...


We used to have a swimming pool... just one of those cheap latex quick-set... more like... QUICK COLLAPSE pools! Something for us to enjoy a little bit of relaxation time... but that was back cross state lines before that Swimming Pool died... HAHAHAHAHA!

I have some pictures somewhere when that ol' swimming pool collapsed on Eric... boy-oh-boy talking about f-u-n-n-y!

Of course he was pretty upset when it happened... but now almost 2 years later we can both laugh to our hearts content on such a funny moment captured on my cell phone camera.

Talkin' about swiming pools...

Here's our second podcast~blogcast video so you too can get a few good ol' belly laughs before bedtime while, RANTIN' N RAMBLIN' 


After consulting with medical professionals and law enforcement... we have come to the point where changes need to be made in order to allow us to maintain a peaceful and safe environment that does not include ongoing stress brought on by family. This wasn't an easy decision by any means nor to be taken lightly. After receiving more screenshots that were sent to my parents personal email of those who contacted us regarding more screenshots of my parents grandchildren and eldest child poking light of my medical condition. As well taking part with an ex-spouse by contacting and poking fun of this podcast~blogcast which is a means for us to find laughter under stressful circumstances. My parents had made it clear to myself over the phone that they will not be intervening to finally make this unfortunate family conflict finally seize.

Therefore this left us with no other choice but to terminate a strained relationship that had been ongoing for years between ourselves and my parents. We do appreciate the privacy of this matter as we continue moving on as we have to a far more peaceful way of living.

Laughter my dear friends is the key!


Thank you to those who reached out by sending us screenshots. It did help in us realizing that our decision is for the best so we can maintain a stress-free, peaceful life moving forward. 


  "Our Crazy Little Life"



 You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web for FREE at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

 The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast



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Updated: May 25, 2018 1:18 AM EDT
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May 23, 2018
When You Get A Call... That Makes Ya Chuckle! :)
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 3058-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining

 Can you believe that it will be summer before you know it? Yes exactly what I was thinking and so were our visitors this afternoon who came to pay us a visit and to see how much further all of the wild flowers and deer follage seeds have been growing. 

This is what I love most about living in the country... away from the hustle and bustle of City Life. Everything is at a much slower pace as well as the greenery scene is just that much greener! I even saw my very first butterfly this evening with the colors of blue as blue can be!



 My labs came back this morning which unfortunately showed another acute infection due to the large ovarian tumor leaking. We also didn't realize what all is involved with repositioning organs that have collapsed as two of my new surgeons are scrambling to try to figure out rhyme and reason. Their guess is pretty logical to me... but it falls under that less than 5% with long-term gynecological cancer survivors. So I will continue on this newest regimen of antibiotics and do my best to get my body prepared for surgery. We were told that I need to start walking regardless of the pain because it will help with recovery. So... by the looks and sounds of this podcast~blogcast... walking it will be!

Over the years I have been given some very strong and Sound Advice as well have taken advice from those who have more wisdom by experience... not necessarily by age. Thank you to those who continue to be of great support and lending an ear... but most importantly helping by their own experience throughout their journey to help me with decisions regarding my own health. Let's also not forget personal matters.

As once again.. I receive a call and screenshot this evening regarding my ex-spouse who tries to remain part of the immediate family by still contacting the ex in-laws which is crazy within itself. Even stranger is when any sibling that tells you that you need to divorce your spouse immediately after they were found breaking and entering into the in-laws home and grandparents home stealing prescriptions, prescription drugs and money... making sure to tell the sibling that had not a clue of what was happening with their ex-spouse until their own prescriptions written and other prescription medication disappeared and was found forged with the ex-spouse caught on video at Walgreens... because if you stay married to him it looks crazy to everyone and it's hurtful... then in turn any sibling that reaches back out to the same ex-spouse after the divorce has been granted is even crazier. An ex-spouse doing his best to make a mockery out of this podcast~blogcast and skits on a public Facebook page. Yes, some folks become so fixated on you that they just can't stop watching and stalking your every move. Per my own personal experience... you cannot rhyme and reason with those who have addiction problems and that cannot move forward or on with their lives. But here is what was wrote... Because we think it's important folks that you all see what kind of individuals that you need to stay away from that are unstable when making such comments regarding an ex-spouse that they can't get over by any means. Which is why we made the decision to move out of state almost 2 years ago.

Another sad reality for any parent who tells her daughter that their eldest adult child is not in contact and shouldn't be for any reason in contact with any ex-spouse. Welll Mom... I told you I wasn't lying and although the truth is sometimes hard to swallow. At least we all can now clearly see why the dysfunction within the immediate family spiraled for so many years out of control. You can blame it on one side... but it isn't our little family.

When you allow someone to break and enter into your home and even your own mother's home... our grandmother... for over a year without your knowledge or hell... even without myself or Erics knowledge and then in turn not take the necessary steps to press charges... things like this continue to happen and regardless of any child or adult child's age... as a parent it is your responsibility to protect them until the end of time. When someone is stealing your money, your prescription drugs, your mother's prescription drugs and other valuables to feed addictions and you don't stop and do something about it.... you are literally enabling the addict for years to come. 


One of the best... if not the best decision we've ever made for ourselves and our little family was indeed picking up the pieces and moving out of state... moving on.

For anyone else out there who has any ex or ex-spouse that continues to stalk and follow your every move... look at it from a different point of view because I consider it as nothing but the utmost flattery. Considerate it the best compliment yet! You know... this kinda reminds me of the story from the Deputy the other day about his brother doing funny skits and videos to help during his own cancer journey. And how some twisted folks like this one whom don't even understand that this is a funny, not emmy nominated skits... SILLY! His brother got his own personal crazies who took the time to twist and turn things around on the various video satires that he did over the months to help bring laughter during a time when he needed it the most.

Getting the screenshots only did one thing... provided more videos in the making for this podcast~blogcast channel.. HEHEHEHEHEHE!


But such as with everything in life... carry on my good friends as I have learned to do many times over. There is nothing wrong with trying... but everything wrong with giving up hope. There's a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on with everything in life. That also includes once again tackling the treadmill as I will attempt doing this evening.


I don't know what I'm smiling more about right now? One perfectly amazing gift from my spouse for Mother's Day that I plan on conquering to the best of my ability. Or having proof that my ex-spouse still admires me from a far distance out of state and still takes the time to follow and talk about me even if it's good or even if it's bad because I consider it flattery at it's finest. I guess some ex-spouses just have a special way to continue holding you close to their heart and loving you till the end of time all the same.. even after you divorce them... like I did many years ago. Like Eric said, "Who you got to feel sorry for is the new love interests and one live in interest that has to always play second fiddle 'still' to the ex spouse." Would I be okay with Eric contacting any ex or ex-spouse? No way. Eric totally feels the same way but that's what you do when you respect someone that you live with or married to... after you are divorced and suppose to had moved on from your ex.

Yep! Very valid point!



 Cheers to a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!


 "Our Crazy Little Life"



 You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web for FREE at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

 The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast



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May 22, 2018
Sings: I Like Girls That Wear Abercrombie..
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 3057-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining

Did we just hear you singing the last part of the title of today's one of three podcast~blogcast videos? 

Why of course we did!






Things will be a little hectic in our lives over the next few weeks.. but we promise to spice things up and mix things up a bit starting tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy as it appears Johnny Depp and Superman-Christopher Reeve sing a little summer tune for ya all!



And yes... we didn't forget about Metallica... stay tuned for the next podcast~blogcast video...


 "Our Crazy Little Life"



You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

 The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast



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Updated: May 22, 2018 11:27 PM EDT
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May 21, 2018
If He Could REALLY Order A Drink! ;).
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 3056-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining

It's been a long day... a r-e-a-l-l-y long day... a really long Monday kind of day.


  I don't know what's more funny?


Today's podcast~blogcast video of what it may be like if Snoreo could actually order a drink after a long hard day guarding the house and babysitting his little sister... or reading messages from those who would like to send distant immediate family members cases upon cases of Snickers later this year during the holiday season.


Well... if it helps them to get back to acting more like themselves instead of making a mockery of their mother-in-law, father-in-law, parents and grandparents own daughter-me... on social media...  public social media... then cases of Snickers it will be! Boy doesn't that make Santa's job just that much easier this year! HOHOHOHOHO!! 

Okay... o-k-a-y after numerous requests for more absolutely hilarious, KEEP YOU DAY JOB KARAOKE skits... we have a few coming up later this evening just for you, you and even distant immediate family members still tuning in to our Podcast~Blogcast Channel. Because even they could use some smiles and laughter in their lives.

Boy ain't that the truth! PREACH!


Is it me or does the rewind part of this video sound like an alien speaking? Hahahahahaha!!

Join in on all the podcast~blogcast fun, "Our Crazy Little Life" located on the following link below. You don't need to sign up for anything... it's basically loads of daily smiles and plenty of laughter for FREE! 

"Our Crazy Little Life"


You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or download the Podbean app for free at the App Store & Google play

 The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast


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May 20, 2018
Really Good... Or R-e-a-l-l-y Bad... GOOD! :)
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 3055-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


We wanted to make sure to take our time with the third and final podcast~blogcast of the day.

The finale to the, "Really Good or... R-e-a-l-l-y Bad."

We both caught wind this afternoon with screenshots sent to us regarding immediate members of distant family not only enjoying the OG-Original Blog located on the Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website:


But as well now having a blast enjoying this podcast~blogcast of, "Our Crazy Little Life" on a daily basis. Even so much so as taking the time to screenshot a picture of Eric dressed in one of many characters running from his many problems or just running in general...we're not sure which yet... now up for your viewing pleasure on distant family members public social media accounts. Poor Eric and far too long bang extensions is still just too darn funny! Hahahahahaha! Not only did distant family members screenshot a picture of Eric... someone they really don't even know since only speaking to him maybe 20 words over the past several years. But as well staking personal claim of characters that all us folks know... are just characters... that don't have names.  

"But is this Good or Bad? That really is the question to many watching the circus come back into town time and time again... so to speak in slang. But in all actuality... the answer is very clear and should had been clear all along." 

When distant family enjoy reading and watching honestly some of the most silly, goofy, outrageous and downright hilarious skits-videos and then screenshot photo clips of parts of the skits and in turn share them across social media and on the world wide web staking claims of the characters as if some type of ownership?.. characters that have no names. Consider that a GREAT thing because that great thing has reached out to many that know how to Google search by a photo and have now brought them as well to daily podcast~blogcast episodes filled with hours of laughter and plenty of smiles!

 Who are we to stop any distant family from sharing the love and the laughter~

 I guess distant family isn't so distance after all... especially when they're actually helping a website that will soon be assisting financial costs with continued medical treatments, outstanding medical bills... along with surgery. 

Even after speaking to my mother... in which... we hardly have much of a relationship due to what we may both realized is a son-in-law of hers causing more problems by posting really hateful and in poor taste... inaccurate information as was told by a very unhappy paying client whom sent myself and Eric screenshots of the comments and of course Eric looking absolutely hilarious dressed in skit attire. Inaccurate comments that doesn't help any mother and daughter's strained relationship to even begin healing with such comments... slanderous comments... regarding those who are on government assistance. Or in my case... permanent disability which I have paid into since the very first hour I gained employment... up until the very last day I could no longer work. In which... let us all educate this son-in-law with the facts. 

Permanent disability is not something to be taken lightly nor is it given freely by any means. 

Permanent disability means that your treating physician or team of specialists have determined to the best of their medical ability per medical records of treating you over the years that it is not in your best interest... nor is it physically in your best interest to work or continue working on a long-term basis. A panel representing the government... Social Security, medical experts, Judiciary judge and attorneys hold a special court hearing to finalize their decision per deeming you are permanently disabled to the point of resulting in death.

Social Security and the medical experts take their time in obtaining every single medical record since the day you were born... in which... those thousands of records, over 10 boxes of medical records played a very important part in determining I had suffered from an autoimmune disorder since the day of birth. That piece of critical information most recently helped my current team of specialists figure out the final missing puzzle piece which was found due to records of myself as an infant taken to an emergency room setting and admitted with kidney complications that should have resulted in death.

 The son-in-law's comments were not only slanderous to those who need and seek government assistance... disability... but as well it was a social media mockery and upmost foolery to both mother and father-in-law whom cared for that sick infant that worsened as a very sick adolescent and now progressed as an adult with health complications that has spiraled for decades... me.

After a very close and careful review by all social security experts and medical experts... they are able to determine by prior and existing medical records and ongoing medical problems... in my case that started from birth... if you are deemed as permanently disabled. If they find that the medical ailments will only get worse and progress over time ending and resulting in death... it is then that they deem you as permanently disabled.

 For everyone who has sent us the screenshots... we are here to inform you that we did reach out to my parents today and let's just say making such a statement regarding their adult child that they began taking care of as a sick infant and then progressed into their child's adolescent years and beyond will not be taken lightly.

To those whom have reached out very concerned and most definitely disturbed reading such a comment about those on disability... government assistance... those who create videos which help in our case... to bide our time happily instead of sadly or frustrated due to continued progression of my health. To those who also are on temporary or permanent disability or are caring for a loved one on temporary or permanent disability or our clients of businesses that may have children that need special attention. (Although the son-in-law may have quickly taken down the comments off of public social media or hid them... the screenshots remain as we appreciate those whom took the time to send them to us.) We would like to apologize on behalf of my parents son-in-law whom made the comments and any other distant family members who took part in poking fun of those whom are disabled and need government assistance whether that be temporary or permanent disability.

What most do not know behind the scenes.. but those close to me do is that next week marks the start of many changes for myself and my spouse... Our Little Family. 

I will bravely be getting myself ready to the best of my ability for emergency surgery in order to carefully reposition organs that have collapsed due to complications with my current health. I have also successfully turned over a prior denied temporary work permit through Social Security and currently working with a vocational expert which will help enable me and Eric to turn a podcast into a way to help with ongoing medical expenses that are in the tens of thousands of dollars and growing. Sure, I may have only gained a temporary work permit, but it's a start... a good start.

At the end of the day everything that you experience in life... Good and Bad... is a lesson.

Every Dark Cloud has a silver lining.

And every human being who doesn't act like their self is probably not acting like themselves so it's important to just smile and hand them over a Snickers.

 Here's to the fire reignited Within~


To the deputy ... whom could relate to distant immediate family making a mockery of myself and my spouse while compassionately telling us the story regarding his own brother's brave battle with cancer... how he would create videos as a way to keep smiling and laughing even when others would turn the videos into a social media mockery. What an admirable thing doing your best to protect your brother so he could continue doing what he loved through out the remainder of his journey.

Thank you for sharing your story.

God bless you and your family. 

"Our Crazy Little Life"


You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast


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May 19, 2018
More Controversial Than The Royal Weddin'... HA!
Mood:  cheeky
Now Playing: Day 3054-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining

Good lordie!


We ain't seen this much controversial over fictional character skits since the cows came home last week on Betty's Farm... hehehehehehe!

Can't believe how some city folks are still adamantly delusional by claiming themselves as some of our fictional characters. Last time we checked... these characters didn't have any names.

But you know how some folks are...  

Always fighting for attention no matter what it takes and how twisted they can sound by turning a funny skit or two into some type of ridiculous assumption. 

What I really want to know is... if you are pregnant with a thick dark mustache and bad hair extensions which is supposed to be bangs... HAHAHAHA... drinkin' Folgers coffee while running 10 miles on top of 10 miles in last nights major storm here in the country... don't forget the Snickers! Then clearly we need to talk because you must be some kind of miracle worker! Then again... maybe Eric cutting the grass with a cowboy hat on was taken right underneath the nose of J.R. Ewing... I can hear the theme of the hit television show, Dallas, running through my mind as we speak...


Ol' silly folks... but onto more serious matters as we sat down with the attorney this afternoon to begin the slow transition of having my name transferred to Eric's name on important documents and then headed off to the hospital for labs to see if I will qualify for emergency surgery next week. We are scheduled to meet with my surgeon here in Indiana... but keeping our expectations on the low side. They have a lot to discuss with me recording reports from the hospital after contacting us yesterday afternoon.  

But you know what folks... there's always that silver lining. There's always a reason to laugh and share a few smiles or two or three or four with a coffee in your hand while wearing stripper heels and eating ice krispie treats running 20 miles or more while being pregnant here in the country. Let's not forget the thick, dark mustache... hehehehehehe!

Per all your requests... here's a second replay of "Runnin' On Coffee" located on the follwing link at, "Our Crazy Little Life."~~


"Our Crazy Little Life"


You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

 The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast


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May 18, 2018
The Waiting Game...
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 3053-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining

Here we are once again... playing the waiting game. Another scan that means everything to my treating specialists and critical care team.


Trying to keep ones sense of humor and staying upbeat can sometimes be a bit tricky... especially when you're not getting very much or very good sleep. But like many times before... we always make sure to get by and end the evening on a far happier~lighter and absolutely h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s note!


Even while wearing this shirt and don't forget the stripper heels... hehehehehehe!!


"Our Crazy Little Life"


You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

 The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast


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May 17, 2018
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 3052-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining



Thank you Mother Nature for the little bit of rain we got overnight which made for a picture perfect sunrise to watch our very first deer enjoy the fruits of hard labor! Hehehehehe!

Over 25,000+ wildflower and deer follage seeds have began to take off to new heights! Soon to also bloom into an array of beautiful wildflowers of every single kind you can imagine!

We had another record 15 deer late last night gathered around our homemade green space for all the wildlife to enjoy. I can't imagine how many more deer visitors we will have within the next few months once the follage starts to double and even triple in size!



"Our Crazy Little Life"


You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast


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May 16, 2018
Tick Tock... Tick Tock...
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Day 3051-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


Wayyyyy past 24-hours being up. 


Yesterday's CT scan holds my fate because clearly this pain nausea vomiting and sweats can't continue much further. 

This... suks... really I have no better word for it. 

So I will wait and hope that my brain gets tired enough to override what I'm feeling... physically. 

So I will wait for that phone call in hopes of something less discouraging and more so encouraging from my critical care team.

In the meantime my sense of humor may have to take a back seat until possibly later this evening after I get some sleep. And I'm feeling a bit better... more like myself.


Happy 11th Birthday in Heaven our beloved Littleblue.

Our hearts will always be with you~


"Our Crazy Little Life"


You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast


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