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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
August 31, 2017
#Rescued #SAVED ~Mr. Big LOVE :)
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Day 2796-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


If there is a show about a Dog With A Blog. Then clearly there should be a show about a Cat With A Blog!





I have been waiting for the right time to share our story about Mr. Big Love over the past month. Actually...the story began almost 3 months ago while taking Snoreo to our local dog park. It was during that time when getting Snoreo's toys out of the trunk of our car that I noticed a grey cat near a tree. What really caught my attention was a rope that was tied around his tail.

Of course...those who know me and know me well...also know that when there is animal in need. I am quick on my feet to help and sometimes even to rescue.

During that late afternoon playtime at our local dog park. We had just picked up a few odds and ends at the store prior to stopping by so Snoreo could get some of his energy out at the park. This malnourished, very sickly looking grey cat with a rope tied around his tail instantly had my heart. NO way was I not going to at least offer some food and water. So...while Eric was playing with Snoreo. This gal sprung into Mother Wild action! Heeheeheeheehee! Now I know where Eric gets my nickname!

At first, it was impossible to get anywhere close enough to the grey cat in hopes of cutting the rope off it's tail. In fact, it took a few weeks in order to get close enough to realize the grey cat was a male tabby. As the days and weeks went by...I slowly gained his trust as he remained to have my heart. Actually OUR hearts! Eric fell in love with him too! Who could not fall in love with such a sweetheart that now goes by the name of Mr. Big LOVE

There is so much to this story. However, I have been waiting for the perfect time to begin our story. A chance meeting and fate of one grey cat who not only needed help. But someone to rescue him, save him and provide such unconditional love. That rope was actually finally released by Mr. Big LOVE's own teeth as he finally chewed himself free from what we later found out was serious abuse. One veterinarian in our little, lazy, river town with a heart of gold who also saw the potential in one very special cat! Mr. Big LOVE not only has won our heart, but he has won the hearts of an entire veterinarian staff. It has been three weeks and many surgeries later for this strong, yet very brave cat that defied so many odds, even death.

This story is far from over... It has only just begun.

#Rescued #SAVED

Mr. Big LOVE


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: September 1, 2017 9:28 PM EDT
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August 30, 2017
So Close...Yet...So Far...
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Day 2795-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Time to get our brave face on! Ready or not...Here we come!

6AM and time to get up, wake up and face the music of a third hospital attempt. Final testing and surgery.

Honestly...I still am not very comfortable. Yet, as symptoms continue getting worse. They are also becoming a lot harder to manage. Mentally, I did my best to prepare for today. Physically was an entirely different story.

Eric was prepared for a long morning into the early afternoon hours at the hospital. I was prepared for a long morning into the early afternoon hours of anything goes at the hospital. Round 3. Regardless if I was preparing myself mentally. Physically I failed pre-op testing with failing colors. Typically when my body temperature dips pretty low. It usually goes back up again after home injections. But not this morning. My blood pressure was no better. It reminds me of my last surgery several years ago when they had one heck of a time keeping my blood pressure elevated. During and after surgery. Unfortunately all surgical notes also remain under your medical records. Online hospital EPIX system.

I wasn't comfortable. Eric wasn't comfortable. Neither was the pre-surgical staff and anesthesiologist. Just when I finally made my way to face the music. Finally becoming brave enough when I am still extremely fearful for the unknown. My body just wasn't willing to cooperate. Disappointed? YOU BET! Frustrated would be an understatement as we once again had to push things off for another week. As the nurse looked at us and said, "Well...I am so sorry but looks like we are going to have to rescheduled this for a fourth attempt." Even the scary-as-hell injection for final testing was actually there waiting for me. 2 hours worth of testing before surgery. But first I must somehow get my body temperature elevated along with my blood pressure. I have yet to deal with something like this where I still remain up against a wall. Three weeks later. I don't know what to think anymore, but it looks like a holiday of resting for this gal...again. Pffffff...GRRRRRRR...

So close...yet ...so far. 

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: September 1, 2017 8:38 PM EDT
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August 29, 2017
Hitting A Wall ]
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: Day 2794-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)



Time to get up, get dressed and head back across the border. Back across state lines to O'heck'NO'hio!

Heeheeheeheehee! Well...that's how I feel about it anyways.

Time to once again become one with the past. Time to also seek the very last of some seriously sound advice with regards to final testing and surgery. Let's face it...I still don't feel comfortable. Not in the least bit! Mentally, I don't feel comfortable at all. Physically, I can't predict one day from the next. Will I be able to maintain at least a 97.5 body temperature that morning of the scheduled testing and surgery? So far, it hasn't been looking very promising. Anymore, I feel as if I have hit a huge, overpowering son-of-a-gun, BRICK WALL!

Myself and Eric have been guessing on how long I had been seeing my psychologist back in Ohio. Before moving across state lines to Indiana. My guess was close to 9 years. Eric was guessing around 7. But it seems we were both wrong as my psychologist told me it has been 10 years. 10 years as of this coming October. WOW! That is a very long time! I guess you can say that this gal is in it for the long haul! Even when sometimes I must utilize another doctor closer to our home back in Indiana due to various reasons. Therapist and LC. But thankfully my original treating physicians are only one phone call away. A mere one-hour or so drive back across state lines. Sure, they all understand that there will be times when I need to seek care in my new home state. But of course, my care will always still need to be handled first by my original team of specialists back in the other state.

O'heck'NO'hio! Heeheeheeheehee!

It's nice to see a familiar face. Someone who is very familiar with my case. It is also nice to seek sound advice from those whom know your health the best. 10 years is a very long time as I still highly value the opinions of my original team of specialists. Especially when I have literally hit a wall with my health. Damned if I do. And damned if I don't. There is no easy way out of this one. Maybe that is why I still feel extremely uneasy and literally just want to throw in the towel. Maybe others might not understand how I feel or even possibly see it is a sign of weakness. But I have yet to meet someone who has fought as long and as hard as I personally have throughout my entire journey. There is no brave face. You must just literally be brave. No matter what and no if's, and's or but's.

So...in one very important session. We were able to talk about a bit of everything. What is most important. What needs to be urgently addressed. It's been awhile since I have seen my psychologist back in Ohio. But one revolving story most definitely needed to finally have an ending. Divorcing not just the spouse. But the entire immediate family.

It was bound to happen. In time, it had to happen. It was a must. Because the dysfunction not only did not serve me well over the years. But it has also played a very crucial and detrimental factor with my physical and emotional health. My overall, well being. They are no longer healthy for me. That also includes the same for Eric, little E and our fur children. When you hear that your own nieces and nephew are calling you crazy, using it as some type of psychotic kind of excuse to play sides with their own parent. That makes them not only look crazy to everyone. But also literally sound crazy. I wholeheartedly agree with every single medical professional whom has brought that same important fact up to myself and Eric over the years. "Your immediate family is no longer healthy for you. They are ruining your health by the amount of stress they continue to place upon you. Physically and emotionally." They say, stress can kill you. I hold records that now show what that level of relentless stress can do to ones health. It should never, ever be from family. Not one single family member. If I ever have another day in court. Sued by an immediate family member ever again. I won't go quietly. My reasons are justified and justifiable. Their lack of compassion, empathy and respect for a very bad pattern of how not to treat loved ones whom are sick with long term, terminal medical ailments, will not continue. I plan on making sure that pattern of how not to treat family members finally gets broken and it starts with me. When it comes to further damaging my health. I won't play nice.

One day, the ability to legally divorce your family, within the court system, will be allowed. For those whom no longer have a safe nor healthy family environment. After all measures possible have been exhausted to find some type of resolution for unity. When divorcing a family will be just as common as divorcing a spouse. It may sound crazy. But it's not the first time I have heard someone else make mention of a very real possibility.

When it comes to the opinion of should I move ahead with final testing. No matter the chances with very real and quite serious side effects. Yes. Another strong, yet honest opinion from those who know me and my health the best.

So...Back across the border. Back across state lines to my own home state of Indiana. Time to double check my Will and Power of Attorney. I plan on not leaving any questions unanswered. Nor will I ever allow anyone or anything to challenge or try to disrespect my final wishes in writing. When it's time to finally call it quits. I still remain very firm and extremely adamant that it will be within my decision. I refuse to allow it any other way. When it's time to throw in the towel. I plan on doing so peacefully. But most importantly, with respect and dignity. No family dysfunction nor drama allowed to surround me. Legally.

I still am not sure about later this week. When it's so obvious that I have literally and finally hit a brick wall with my health. This time hasn't been easy. I don't expect things to ever be easy from this point and moving forward. What I plan on doing...is continuing to look for the signs.

A sign, one solitary sign, would be nice.

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: August 30, 2017 12:52 AM EDT
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August 28, 2017
Mood:  rushed
Now Playing: Day 2793-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Even I know...this can't go on...especially with the third round of hospital testing and surgery scheduled once again later this week.

Once my body temperature drops and necessary chemicals begin to decline. So does my energy levels and the inability to hardly move which has all been very new to me. Then its back to being stuck inside the house. Resting once again on the ole couchbed. Not only has this become frustrating as hell for me. But on days, like today, when it is super nice outside. The last thing I want to be is stuck indoors with limitations. So far, injections have provided me some temporary relief. But they only last for so many hours at a time. Then once again my body becomes depleted...right back on the couchbed...again.

At least we still do our best to catch a break when a good moment hits. I value my moments! It's during those times when we do our best to get up and rush out the door so we can continue enjoying a bit of this early fall-like weather here in the country. BEAUTIFUL! Snoreo still needs his exercise and we all most definitely need some fresh air! Outdoor air~Ahhhhhhh....

This evening we finished up the remaining sections of the hand texturized ceiling. Not only literally, using our hands, but even with the lace detailing. Talking about a once-in-a-lifetime project! Never again would I spend that much time on one bedroom. Crazy!! Of course, the end result is most certainly worth the wait as the ceiling literally does look like rippled waves of dancing water. The most appropriate bedroom theme for our new country coastal remodeled home. LOVE IT! This actually might just be our favorite room so far! It took us more than a few additional weeks. But we are beyond happy to say...It is FINITO! Finally COMPLETE!

Next it's back to tackling the living room. I started that repairing, repainting and redecorating project a little over a week ago. But health issues sometimes get in the way. Even when this entire house flipping project really has been a true blessing in disguise.

As it continues to allow me to escape life...one stroke of the paintbrush at a time~

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: August 29, 2017 11:32 PM EDT
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August 27, 2017
It's Like The Hatfields & McCoys'.
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2792-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


There sure seems to be a lot of dysfunctional families...

Sadly, 1 out of every 2 families now and days live somewhere between the line of either the Hatfields or McCoys'. A quite dynamic kind of dysfunction that has existed among families for far too many generations.

Many hide their family dysfunction like another great David Copperfield grand illusion! In the eyes of others, living within the walls of a perfect family. But behind those walls there is anything but a perfect family dynamic of any sorts.

Now and days... An illness that becomes incurable literally begins and ends with a great divide among families. Either bringing great unity among family members. Or a great, yet for some, permanent dividing wall of separation.

At what point...where did the heart of the family become so broken. Same as with the notorious Hatfields and McCoys'. Two families that became famous for their hatred and anger towards one another. A battle among family members that lasted for more than a century which started over a pig. A long standing family rivalry that finally ended Saturday, June 14, 2003. Marking the official end to the Hatfields and McCoys' feud when the families signed a truce, in an event broadcast.

Crazy isn't it? But sadly the same type of dysfunction among families still exists to this very day.

Some families can ride out the force of the strongest hurricanes together. Without so much as even a crumble within their very own infrastructure. While the other 50% of families have an infrastructure that quickly collapses under the strain of their very own feet. Some families rally together. While other families rally against each another. I have been fortunate to have met some really strong families. But at the same time...I have unfortunately met some very weak ones.

I...is singular. We...is plural. Shouldn't family mean a Team?

I guess most of us either fall under the Hatfields or the McCoys'.

Over this past week...listening to another family rift that had divided each and every family member for over 9 years. And I thought 5 years, 11 months was a long time. Not 9 hours. Not 9 days. Not 9 weeks. Not even 9 months. But over 9 years of what could had been family memories of far happier times, happier moments shared as a family...together. 9 years of lost time...forever. That's how I look at it.

It's really a sad shame, isn't it?.

It's like the Hatfields and McCoys'. Far too many dysfunctional families that still exist to this very day. A crazy dynamic that only possibly gets resolved...By another signed truce...Or a mere handshake.

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: August 28, 2017 11:56 PM EDT
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August 26, 2017
Medically Speaking...Feeling A Whole Lot...Uncomfortable.
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Day 2791-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Instead of me being down for the count...It's now Eric's turn.

Usually we have to utilize FMLA time due to various reasons with my health. But time, stress and lack of sleep finally took it's toll on Eric's health. Talking about sick. Eric has been hacking non-stop so finally I convinced him to visit our local Urgent Care. We both have to be extra careful keeping germs at bay. I still don't have the immunity to fight off infections. Especially with things progressing and no turning back. Tis better for us to be safe than sorry! This is going to be one very brutal and quite scary upcoming flu season for the both of us! Luckily Eric's diagnosis was due to hay fever which is now in full force. The worst time of year for him. Thankfully we have everything close by our new home here in Indiana. Including a doctors Urgent Care.

Looks like it's R&R time for Eric, myself and the fur gang this evening. We can't afford having both of us sick. No way. No how.

I am still doing my best to get my body and mind ready for final testing and surgery scheduled for next week. Attempt #3. It hasn't been easy physically nor mentally. I must at least maintain a body temperature of 97.5 which has been a very tough feat within itself! Lately my body temperature still remains far too low. Without getting into too much info right now, until at least after surgery. Once I wake up, my body only has so much left in reserve on vital chemicals and hormones that my brain can no longer provide me. Quickly becoming depleted once I wake up in the morning doesn't leave me with much time to get things done on a daily basis before I go into crisis mode. Then it's time for injections that I now must do at home. It hasn't been easy by any means and it also isn't very cheap. That's putting it lightly! This is why getting myself ready both physically and mentally next week for the third attempt is so very, very important.

Time is of the essence.

If it wasn't for such a scary injection that also must be used for final testing before surgery. I believe that one would be in a far better place mentally for what is ahead of me. If they didn't sit down with us, explaining the side effects, risks and sometimes fatal complications. One wouldn't be rethinking everything over and over and over again in my mind. It has gotten so bad that I had my first dream of actually dying. Of all places...I was having a test, in the hospital. I am most definitely one to believe in signs. The very vivid dream has me very frightened, extremely concerned and darn straight...worried! So much so that I reached out to my psychologist of over 9 years back in Ohio for a very important meeting next week. I really need some seriously sound advice and who better than from my psychologist who has been helping me cope with the in's and out's for almost a decade. I need some very serious and strong advice. So far, the advice and opinions of others are mostly ones of great concern. My therapist and LC here in Indiana have not been seeing me that long to know everything with regards to my unique journey. Although myself and Eric still highly respect and value their opinions with regards to my health.

But when it comes to this final phase of testing so my team of specialists can proceed ahead with surgery. It has been the toughest decision I have yet to be faced with during my journey. I thought signing liability forms for radiation and chemotherapy that all oncologists must have their patients fill out was scary. One single injection now has me more scared than facing cancer treatments alone.

Let's be honest by saying...when things progress to your brain and your body starts to go into crisis mode. I think anyone in my situation would be scared and extremely worried. Rightfully so!

I am not so sure what next week may hold for me. But one thing is for certain. When it comes to the opinions of those who know me and my health the best. Their opinions weigh very strongly with myself and Eric.

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
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August 25, 2017
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Views! :)
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2790-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Can you believe this absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l weather?!

Neither can I!

It is far too nice to be indoors! This morning was the most perfect walk yet along the river trails...60 degrees, partly cloudy skies and with a light breeze rippling across the water...

Nothing like getting your big, comfy fall clothes out a bit earlier than usual. But no complaints from this gal. I LOVE IT!

Today we decided to use one of Eric's birthday certificates in order to continue enjoying this most beautiful day! Nothing quite like taking in more country views along the river, a super nice golf course, heated indoor pool and plenty of much needed R&R for two! We couldn't have asked for a better day!

If this weather continues, we both plan on tackling this golf course next month. I might not be much of a golfer...but the views will most definitely be worth a try! Eric has played golf many times over his lifetime. As for myself...I am lucky to just hit the ball off the green. Hahahahaha! It should be a really good laugh of a time!  Hahahahaha!

It's been a pretty lucky day with some fabulous weather, great conversation, delicious fresh brewed international coffee tasting and the most beautiful views of the country hillside...PERFECT! Eric's picture perfect birthday was much needed after a not-so-good past few years with birthday celebrations. They say...When you rid the negative out of your life. You then make room for the positive.

Plenty of laughter, smiles and lots of LVE!

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: August 26, 2017 3:46 PM EDT
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August 24, 2017
A Far HAPPIER Day! :)
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2789-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Why...Hello there my lovelies!

It is an absolutely, incredibly, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day here in the country! Actually...This most beautiful fall-like weather will be continuing for the next few weeks.


Today is hopefully the beginning to far happier days. Far happier times for our little family. It was a very productive days outdoors for Eric. While I remained productive indoors with finishing up this little hidden vintage gem. All it needed was a little TLC!

What a huge difference some paint can make! The second bedroom project just needed that certain something to make it complete! Only a little further vintage lace detailing and the room will finally be finished. Then it's onto continuing with the living room. I started that project last week. But issues going on with my health have caused a bit of a set back. But I remain hopeful to forge onward with our house flip! Soon enough, it will finally be complete!

We needed a good day...Like today.

A far HAPPIER  day!

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 10:11 PM EDT
Updated: August 24, 2017 10:14 PM EDT
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August 23, 2017
Cupcakes Would Had Served Me Better!
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: Day 2788-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


It was another knock-down, drag-out, emotionally spent kind of day...

These cupcakes would had far served me better! Every single last one on a very tastefully arranged bakery display.

Yep, a normal person would had went there...but what's normal anyways? Especially in this day and age. Ha!

It most definitely was not our day. Eric had his turn today in another knock-down, drag-out, highly dysfunctional family turn of events. Round? Who knows at this point. Not even my therapist can keep count. This has not only gotten old. VERY OLD. But this also can not continue any further. Not another living, breathing, single day.

Myself and Eric sat down with my LC this afternoon. A meeting of the minds. In hopes of finding a permanent solution to a long battle. A battle that will never seize nor is going anywhere but downhill one very long way. This time it was a coworker who is an acquaintance that brought up a chain of hurtful information. Another wedding...not invited by a niece. Eric's niece, not mine by any means because the nieces that I used to know were invited at my wedding. Hypothetically speaking. Another announcement of another child yet to be born, yet will never have the privilege of meeting their entire family. You can't take out highly dynamic family dysfunction on children. Children that have no business being brought up into the next generation of very highly dysfunctional families.

I feel for these children. Even unborn children. The fault isn't with the children. It's with the parents. It's with the families, any families that use children as some sort of twisted psychological warfare against another family member(s).

You don't play your kids against your own petty family issues. We have a 10 year old son for crying out loud that I have shielded and protected him from what has continued. But today it will stop.

My stepson who doesn't even know another family exists. That is because he too is excluded as a family member. Not by my doing and not by his doing. I do not nor would I ever keep him from having the privilege to know his family. ALL of his family. That includes step side of family. But when Eric hears from a coworker about another wedding, another unborn child, now children not being given the right to know us. Their family. Even our 10 year old son.

That is what hurts the most.

Our son who did absolutely nothing to deserve such rude, hurtful, undeserving behavior. Will he grow up with emotional problems if we continue to allow the family toxicity to continue? You bet he will! So it had to stop. By any and all means humanly possible.

I have no explanation for the actions of adult parents within families. Their actions are solely theirs and theirs alone. I do not agree with nor condone such actions nor decisions. It's one thing to exclude us. But to continue excluding, not even acknowledging a 10 year old. Eric's son. My stepson. Is crossing a line that one will never be able to cross back. You got God to explain your actions and the actions of taking it out on innocent children.

After another knock-down, drag-out, emotionally draining day. After another therapeutic LC meeting of the minds. Quite a few additional plans of action have now been firmly placed. If we allow the same toxic, dysfunctional behavior to continue. We in turn, are doing a disservice to the next generation. At now 10 years of age. That would be one heck of a disservice. Eric's son. My stepson. Who deserves a hell of a lot better!

Our house as of late this evening has been purged of anything toxic from those who no longer serve us well. The negative energy and anything that holds the past has been removed. Our home number has been changed. Every single last block of no contact here forward has also been put in place. Do not expect to be at my funeral. Nor expect us to be at your funeral. There is no point. The damage has been far enough done. There is no level of therapy to undo the damage. You continue with your life. We will continue with ours...HAPPILY.

 5 years of emotional hell can no longer continue. I refuse to allow the toxic relationships that are no longer and will no longer be allowed to further take any form of emotional residency. Not in my life. Not in Eric's life. Not in little E's life nor our fur kids lives.

The toxic cycle is over. Who won? I did...WE did and so did the rest of our little family. Thank God it's finally over!


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
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August 22, 2017
The Choice Is Mine. And Solely Mine...For The Taking.
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: Day 2787-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Gosh darn blessed!

4am...cold sweats, head pain and far too low body temperature.

This not only went on into the early morning hours. But as well followed us across state lines. Into the hospital back in Ohio.

About the only time you will catch this gal crossing state lines into the land of O-hell-io. There is nothing very positive back in Ohio. But a whole lot of negative. A past that I intend to keep in the past, back in the state of Ohio.

This gal has moved onto a new and far more happier way of life in our new home state...Indiana. Of course, my team of specialists still reside back across state lines in Ohio. So do the hospitals where they practice. Also back in Ohio. I cringe at the thought of once again having to cross state lines. Yet, find a huge sense of relief when heading back home. To our new home here in Indiana. That same bad energy state of Ohio still seems to somehow find a way to drain me emotionally. A very bad past 5+ years still resides in that state. We don't plan nor ever intend on moving back. So it's not any surprise that I went into another head-to-head, highly confrontational and most definitely toxic battle with absent family. It's no wonder that I couldn't even walk into this mornings scheduled testing at the hospital...successfully. Testing that should had followed up with a very important surgery. Two weeks in the making.

One would think that this gal should know better to continue battling with the same group of absent individuals whom most definitely do not have my best interest at heart. That also includes my health. Their stress can kill me. Literally. Medical records from as young as an infant. Show a pattern of not following through with specialty care. This isn't the first time to be brought to my attention. During my disability hearing, it was brought up by state attorneys within the first few minutes of my hearing. Some of this mornings 'new' records even took Eric by surprise. A means to an end for my team of oncologists in finding every single last medical history puzzle piece. Medical records don't lie. Although today...I sure wish they did as once again I find myself extremely disappointed with regards to past medical history of handling my health care. Once again being told, "Things like this don't just happen with ones health. Things like this progress over time. It starts as a young child. In your case. An infant. Following up with proper specialty care is crucial as a very sick child. It can make all the difference in the world."

So... I didn't pass the mandatory body temperature of 97.5 this morning. But thankfully I have a very understanding lead oncologist whom rescheduled everything, once again, pushed back another week.

After crossing back into our home state of Indiana. Right back to a nice, warm couch waiting for me....Thanks to Mittens and Beary kitty. Eric went to pick up another round of medication for what will hopefully be the last due to finally getting testing out of the way. Onto a very important surgery next week! We were told that time is of the essence. "We can't keep rescheduling when things are at the point where they are with your health." 

Either I start putting those who do not serve me well in my past. Permanently. Or I allow them to dig my own grave for me.

The choice is mine.

And solely mine...for the taking.


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
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