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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
June 7, 2018
Now Playing: Day 3073-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


Boy oh BOY! 


The comments have been flying regarding these public screenshots sent to us of what should be an example for everyone to never post anything remotely close on any public social media website. If you want to make comments... which we all can regarding anyone because it's called the freedom of speech. Make sure to do so offline or make sure your social media accounts are set on private or make sure just to not say anything at all that may steer others in the wrong direction and then screenshots are flying all over cyber world. 

And never threaten... whether alone "publicly threaten" anyone on any social media public site. 


Comments such as... "Unprofessional" and "Ratchet" have been just a few sent over... however... if someone likes a website and wants to share the website...well... it is the United States of America and we all have the right to freedom of speech.


Posting such a really unprofessional comment is not only in poor taste... but when you don't do damage control and so many others disagree with as they state an, "Unprofessional and "Ratchet comment"... I think clearly this should speak to everyone to keep comments like this off of social media for the public to see and then judge very sternly.

As for my wife... personally seeing this screenshot sent by a few of those in the cheer industry, my wife's highschool mutual acquaintances and her own cousin was the most disturbing of them all. It's one thing to not like me or my website while for some reason these individuals continue to stalk myself and my wife's Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website... but to literally make fun of my wife, your sibling and aunt... who has been continuing to do their best to keep a float speaks so much more than, "Unprofessional" and "Ratchet."

I am a Deputy for the Sheriff's department. I also was the one to come up with ideas for a way to help my wife gain a temporary work permit working from home so we can continue medical treatments, any ongoing surgical procedures and prescription drug costs. My wife can only work from home after first being approved by her treating specialists. Make sure you sit down with a disability attorney so you can get your facts straight first before making far-fetched discriminating comments that I take personally against my wife and others who are disabled. As far as not being educated on those who still want to wake up and live day-to-day while hoping to be cured while on disability... some specialists do medically term it as, "Terminal." Per my wife's own treating specialists, "You must still find hobbies to keep your spirits up." This was told to us not just by one of my wife's treating specialists, but many. For my wife's sibling to laugh and make fun of her wanting to partake in something that makes her laugh and smile is in my opinion, no sibling by any means. Laughing and poking fun of my wife's condition, laughing at medical terms of anyone, "Terminal" is downright bullying in the mind of many.

You claim on the attached screenshot of your public social media post... comments about myself and my website;

"I'm sure the jail immates would love to see what the jail guard does on his freetime." 

As I am sure all those who serve or work in the business of cheer, as well paying clients, love to see how you treat my wife/your sibling and poke fun of those who are deemed disabled... regardless of their disability.

As far as finally addressing the elephant in the room... figure of speech... of any niece that my wife told me would call and speak to her while going through a pregnancy and life's trials and tribulations...  my wife always being there for the niece. Only in turn to slander my wife on public social media. Make sure to let others know that you have not included my wife for many years, almost a decade to many important life events. That includes my wife's right to have gotten to know your child or children. Making the decision to omit my wife in your important life events is yes... your decision... but please make sure to post the facts first that you have disappeared by your own choice for almost a decade out of my wife's life. As far as the niece who contacted my wife's website that is meant for those looking for information regarding Gastroparesis... not a place where the niece clearly used as otherwise. Why do you continue stalking my wife's website and my website? If you claim as clearly you claimed on the websites comment section that is under privacy for security reasons such as what you personally wrote... IP address came from your personal device... that you do not consider myself nor my wife your family. Then do yourself a favor and don't save, download or click on my wife's Gastroparesis Awareness Campaign website link nor my website located on this webpage. It's really just as easy as that. As far as the skits that I choose to do on my website. That is up to my discretion as everyone knows... they are character skits. You may want to look up comedy to understand character skits.

To the other individual in the screenshot that myself and my wife do not know. Thank you for your service. I am an Army veteran of 17 years and yes... I have balls.


Tomorrow is our anniversary and I would like to comment that these screenshots show the reasons why my wife is the bravest person that I know as she always somehow continues to laugh and smile. Any sibling to laugh and make fun of their sibling who they know went through radiation therapy and other oncology treatments is no sibling in any right frame of mind. For any sibling or nieces and nephews that would post such really disheartening and disturbing comments towards their own aunt or sibling who is still battling cancer is far from any decent human being. For any nieces or nephews to poke fun of their aunt speaks volumes. For any sibling that appears by opinions of others by possible having an affair with any ex-spouse by continuing to contact them is something that is unthinkable. When my wife has a distant cousin causing further problems by sending public screenshots of conversations online and offline among these individuals... then maybe you shouldn't have your cousin on your public social media websites or your phone contact list.

Remember at the end of the day. I was there for my wife during all of her treatments, including other experimental treatments and far too many surgeries. Even making the decision to cancel a most recent surgery. Where were all of you? My wife's parents were not present during those radiation and other oncology treatments, that includes those within her own immediate family. They claim that they did not know where the radiation treatments were taking place. Yet, the photos on my wife's own personal online blog said otherwise as well my wife was being treated by the same radiation oncologist as her father. The facts are the facts. I was there for my wife's fathers surgery for his own cancer diagnosis. There was no one there for my wife nor myself while waiting in a very quiet, quite sombering oncology treatment waiting area. That also includes my own parents who were fully aware of my wife's treatments. Not one time did they call my wife to ask how she was doing nor bother to even send her a card. Instead friends made up for what family lacked... support. Actions do speak louder than words. So do the facts. Sad facts.

To those who have voiced very strong opinions on what was wrote... All I can say is don't let folks like this get to you because at the end of the day... even these individuals should have woken up with a few Snickers. 








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Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:54 AM EDT
Updated: June 7, 2018 1:00 AM EDT
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