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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
April 6, 2018
1 Rude. 2 Nice..
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PLEASE tell me that people are acting a fool' due to this crazy weather! 

MittensSillyKitty_450x800_.jpgWe have officially set a record of what feels like 6 months of winter weather with just a few warm days here and there over the past few months. You know what this means right? Crazy foolish people are out and about today folks! Especially here in the country where people not only may be walking around in a bad mood... but as well have no qualms about letting you have a taste of it.

 I've been to New York once during my last interview with the company I worked for and had planned to retire with being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work alongside the vice president. Of course... I hid my medical issues that had later came back to haunt me as I started becoming too ill to work while getting sick on the job. Back then I thought people in New York and New Jersey were bold and brazen. Now I've come to realize... they sure ain't got nothing on folks here in the country! LORD HAVE MERCY!

I've been through my fair share of counseling and learning the art of how to take things people say or do with a mere grain of salt. But nothing could had prepared me for the extremely loud and snappy rude woman that made a wrong choice to yell on top of her lungs a few curse words at us in front of a few young gentleman. Of all people to yell at today when I am not in the mood and this weather is making my breathing 10 times worse as if walking around with a bag over my head. So then again... I would like to think that I have learned enough by great counseling that sometimes as I've been told time and time again... if you don't take time to acknowledge and correct those that treat you wrongly... you are only allowing that person to continue their behavior to the next person in line and so on and so on.

To the woman in medical scrubs that had the audacity to literally yell curse words at us for parking in a handicap spot. Clearly she didn't see the handicap tag on my plate nor the blue placard. To do so yelling curse words while I am on the phone with my specialist and having to mute the call. Well... one should not expect me to not have a response once the car is in park. All this... just to pick up prescription medication at Walgreens... YEP.

If your day is that horrible and you have to be so bold and brazen to take it out on people for no good reason whatsoever.... then clearly you should just stay home. Also you need to reevaluate the next time you go off cursing at someone saying they are not old enough to use a handicap spot so the whole parking lot can hear you including two young gentleman.

I am not the same person as I was yesterday. I am not even the same person as I was last week. Let's be honest by saying... I am not close to being the same person I was last year either. With good counseling... nah... with GREAT counseling you learn how to respond to rude folks such as this woman we had the unfortunate opportunity to cross on our path today.

But such as with life... everything happens for a reason. 

In my case a really great reason because my response was a bit shocking for this woman in medical scrubs as I got off the phone and slowly made our way out of the car. All while this woman still insisted on rolling some words off her lips while now gaining the attention of a few others. My response... direct, clear and to the point.

"I don't appreciate the choice of taking your bad day out on me with such rude, childish behavior. To have such a bad attitude out in public and take it out on anyone... especially me is the wrong person to take it out on because I have been through a lot in my life lady and dealing with you is the least of my worries."

As a gentleman nearby started clapping after hearing my response. All I could hope for this bitter woman is that next time she decides to hastily pass judgment on others for no good reason... she reconsiders letting it roll off her lips. I am clearly no longer the person that's going to take listening to anyone chastise, belittle or put me down. Especially a stranger. I've earned this backbone and I'm not afraid anymore to use it.

I believe in respect. I also believe that respect is earned by the way you allow people to talk to you and treat you. Especially in today's society where people like this woman in of all things, medical scrubs, do not think twice about how they treat strangers while out in public. LORDIE do I ever feel for her patients! 

1 rude. 2 nice..

Instead of letting a mere stranger ruin the rest of my day when I was already not feeling well. I decided to instead respond differently as we walked into the pharmacy. I took the time to pay a sincere compliment to the woman at the register. I also made the decision to take a $10 rewards coupon and instead of using it towards our purchase. I decided to give it to someone else. You know why? Because that's what we all should be doing in this world. We all should be taking the time to pass positivity, kindness, compassion and a smile to one another. There are so many ways to spread the love... not the hate.


I hope you enjoy today's super cute and funny video! A smile from me to YOU! 

"Our Crazy Little Life"


You can watch today's Podcast~Blogcast video on the web at the above link or find us on the App Store & Google play

The ourcrazylittlelife's Podcast~Blogcast


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: April 7, 2018 12:54 AM EDT
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