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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
February 10, 2018
Sometimes... You Have To Let History Speak For Itself... Show Itself On Its OWN Time
Mood:  special
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My mood for this entire experience as clearly it shows on the upper portion of this blog... special.

Who wouldn't feel special to be able to connect with those from the past. Those whom may just needed a bit of company. Others whom may have just felt alone and excited to be able as well to connect with the living.

This is one of the best captures on a plain cell phone camera that we were fortunate to had caught. All while joking around, playing around, taking selfies. I remember just saying out loud in the dark parlor room with loads of energy surrounding us, "Would you like to join in on a few photos? We call them in our day and age... selfies." Of course, who in their right mind would anticipate scrolling back through photo after photo and literally catch someone standing right behind you? No way... not us... not I.

We were also fortunate to be able to send everything in real time, as it happened, to the current owners. A 4th generation family of farmers with what definitely appears to be a very active house. The energy and spirit of the old historic farmhouse... still remains. The owners were nothing but shocked at the photos, videos and even audio of an elderly woman sighing as Eric attempted to play the piano. Hahahahaha! One audio in the basement of whom or whatever it was... later we realized it was a growl of some sorts. This information soon made sense after the owner informing us of a story with both of her children at a very young age, both separately drawling an image of what they had seen in the basement. Both siblings had no idea what the other was seeing, whether alone drawling on two different, yet separate occasions. I then began to ask if it was a male presence? I was then only told... not human, all I want to say, hint. We did pick up on a photo taken in the basement, pure darkness, no flash, yet the same piercing eyes were clearly seen in the basement. Do I believe in good spirits? Yes. Do I believe in bad spirits? Well... I know they do exist. But I also believe that they know those whom hold a special gift. They... it... could not harm myself. They could not harm us. But I advised Eric that we leave it alone and not go back in the basement. Leaving whatever alone as I clearly made it known to whatever it was with piercing eyes in the photo. Could turning a happy farmhouse into a dark, Halloween theatrics of sorts stir up this negative energy? I am sure it didn't help after they had to quickly shut down the attraction due to volunteers expressing fearful stories of things happening to them. Yet, were afraid to tell the owner in fear they would not be believed or as if they were lying. That haunted house then got permanently shut down. I believe it to be the proper response, but as well I also believe the Halloween decorations need to be taken down. The house needs to somehow be brought back to its original glory.

Yes, of course, we sage after vacating each and every historic property. Do I watch Ghost Adventurers? I used to watch it, but my opinion of provocation of negative energy or whatever you may like to call it... is not okay. It is also not necessary if you have that same special gift that I believe some of those on the show may have as an adult. Also the show is a huge production, backed by an even bigger production company. To the naked eye... one can't make up things like what we have experienced and visual seen, felt. You also can not alter ITC equipment. Unless you are the software developer and literally standing there, altering equipment on the spot. As with the owners child, now an adult. They began their gift at a very young age, with first a negative experience. After connecting with others who also share the same special gift. To me, it seems we all had to go through some really negative experience first, before then being gifted our very special gift to connect on a far happier, positive note. Well... that's just my opinion based off of the same stories from others over the years, with the exact same experience.

I can remember when my grandmother passed and being at home in the evening. Feeling and seeing someone literally sit on the edge of my bed, gently as if brushing my hair. My grandmother did that for me as a young child. I also had her favorite recliner in my bedroom. That same recliner would literally rock on its own, up until after her funeral. Odd things that also could not be explained happened with a music box that she had given me on one of my birthdays. It was then I knew... I had a special gift. I always had a special gift, but as a child I was afraid to tell anyone. Especially, my parents. But to the current third generation family who own this historic barnhouse, her adult child now has the same special gift. Their story... the same as mine. It's nice to be able to come across another special soul, one who also has the ability to connect.  

That was the only negative experience we encountered during our overnight stay in the old historic farmhouse.

Onto far more positive, happier times during a very cold evening into the early morning hours. We not only didn't have electric, but in the central area of the house. There was also no heat. Thankfully we got a heads-up on no heat within the barnhouse in advance, so we triple layered our clothing! That included two coats, three pairs of socks and two pairs of gloves! Hehehehehehe!

The most energy and activity seemed to be isolated within the first floor. In between the living room and parlor room. An old piano, a mystery piano of sorts was the center of most odd, yet amazing things that happened during our stay. I asked the current owners, literally on four separate occasions, on who owned the piano. I never received an answer, so I will leave that question as it seems to remain... in the dark. Eric had a blast trying to remember how to play a piano. I was far too busy just standing, then taking a seat behind him with all the equipment running. Little did I know just how active the room would become, so full and alive of energy! Those who we felt slowly make their presence known as they welcomed us into a day and age where playing the piano was fun... a huge celebration among family!

The original staircase and old chandelier mesmerized me... ever since our very first walk through of the old barnhouse property. It's no wonder since it seems others whom still reside there feel the exact same way. A most favorite part of the house that still remains. Being in the parlor room, felt as if time stood still, frozen in the moment of years gone by. I believe this part of the house is also fondly adored and still loved by the same female presence that we felt and seen during our stay. We both felt welcomed, although it didn't start that way. I think you first need to just be quiet and listen to the historic property. Sometimes... the best way to connect is just to start off saying nothing at all. Let history and the home speak for itself. Always has... always will.

We were never afraid of the darkness of the house. After awhile we also forgot all about the Halloween decorations. We solely concentrated on making the parlor room and living room our main focus. To us, that seemed to be the area with all the energy. We never felt alone... only welcomed. We laughed, smiled and sang out of tune songs. Hahahaha! All while being in the darkness and quite content energy that surrounded us . It wasn't until then that the house came alive with activity. It never stopped. We were the ones who actually had to stop the visit due to the time that literally flew by! It was, once again, a sad time to leave. It felt as whomever was still residing in the old historic barnhouse, only wanted some company. They were not only attached to the piano that Eric so desperately tried to play on a good key... hehehehehehe! But as well they resided in the one area of the old barnhouse that still somewhat remained. A beautiful, yet now... old staircase, chandelier, fireplace and other fond memories for those whom have departed, but still visit.

I believe that somehow, after we pass our spirit comes back to those places that brought us such happiness. Myself and Eric felt this way with whomever was with us during our stay. One selfie, literally distorted as if the female presence really did want to join us for some photo fun! We were not using any flash, only the beams of the moon peaking into the parlor room windows. If you ask me... its all pretty darn amazing!

Once we realized how late it was... we began getting all of our stuff together. As we one-by-one began shutting down the equipment. I then began to thank whomever was present with us during our stay and thanking them for such fun we had as their visitors. Eric pulled both piano stools back under the keyboard and said, "Goodbye and thanks for playing the piano with me!" At that same moment, we caught this still image of not one, but two... one waving goodbye back at Eric with a beautiful beaming ray of light... the other peeking to the right of the screen, which was behind an open wall next to the piano.

At the end of the day... I would like to believe that after we pass from this life... we will then move on to the next. A far better, happier place of pure peace, high above the clouds. They call it... Heaven.

To the current owners of this historic gem, deep in the heart of the country. Thank you for opening your home to us. Thank you for sharing as well your gift and ability to connect. We are looking forward to meeting soon!

Join us on our Podcast-Blogcast at, "Our Crazy Little Life," for additional photos, videos and audio of our historic barnhouse overnight adventurer!


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 12, 2018 1:18 AM EST
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