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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
February 9, 2018
A Gem Of An Angry, Disappointed, Scared, Bashful... Yet PLAYFUL Overnight At This Historic Location...
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After a quick walk through from one of the family members. We were then told to have a 'safe' night. We would then be on our own for the remainder of the evening into the early morning hours. This is typically how each historic location begins... a quick walk through around the property to quickly, yet somehow, get our bearings. This particular old farmhouse didn't have much, if any electricity, working lights or much of anything else. We also did not have access to a restroom so thankfully there were a few 24-hour truck stops nearby!

 I was warned a few days upon arrival, that not only did the farmhouse get stripped away from all of its original contents. But as well, it was used years ago as a haunted house to raise funds for a girls-boys after school program. What we didn't realize was that all of the haunted house contents, decorations, etc still remained through out the house. We also didn't realize that when the family member said, "Stripped of it's contents," that they literally meant right down to most of its walls and even studs. 

Talking about a one-of-a-kind overnight visit that upon arrival... SCREAMED of all sorts of energy! Some good... some not so good. 

If I could only read Eric's mind as we were quickly given a speed tour, one time around the many mazes and halls within the huge old historic barnhouse. I believe that I could hear, or any other energy present inside the house could hear, Eric's ever-so-quickly rising blood pressure! Hahahahaha! Eric looked like he had already saw a ghost, yet even two flashlights could barely light up the various rooms and even darker basement and attic. As for myself... nothing scares me, surprises me or anything else of the matter within these old historic buildings. Yes... anything is possible. Even as a prior haunted house? Well... I have my opinions on that very matter... a most beautiful old, historic gem located deep in the country. Yet in my opinion, sadly stripped away of its original historic charm. However, some of the homes original pieces and architecture still remains. This is one of the original wood boards that can still be seen up in the rafters, located in the attic that was signed by its original owner who built the home back in 1898, Dr. Bradley.

Back to the beginning of our overnight...

This is pretty much what a typical central room looks like for us when needing to find a place to sit our belongings and ITC equipment. It's not much, but for us it will do. Notice the super dark black paint outside of the room. Yep... that theme was through out the entire farmhouse. Talking about making things super difficult to see! Even with two flashlights! The only electric available or any working outlets was located in the central room. But of course, regardless of how many batteries we bring or how fully charged each piece of equipment may be upon arrival... anything can happen. This time it was a very first for us as one by one, each piece of equipment as well as my personal cell phone... somehow... magically drained all on its own. It not only happened once, but four times with my cell phone. We spent quite a few breaks outside of the house, while patiently waiting for my cell phone to recharge using our car adapter. Crazy or mere coincidence?

I like to call it, flat out... unexplainable.

This was only the beginning to one very interesting historic overnight! That strong feeling as if someone was constantly looking over my shoulder remained most of the night. So much as if to literally turn off my cell phone and other equipment. Not only did it not make any sense, but it got to be downright frustrating. Yet somehow... I strongly sensed this to be the result of a female presence that only remained within the parlor area of the old house. An area that still holds quite a few pieces of its original walls, chandelier, stairwell and other contents. That feeling as if you most definitely were not alone remained only within that particular area of the house. Strange? I think not as the remainder of our night into the early morning hours picked up the same female presence not only on my cell phone camera. But also on video while appearing to sway back and forth, sitting next to Eric while he attempted to play the piano. Unfortunately, the software for this blog does not have the capability to play audio or video. This photo below shows someone or something clearly sitting or laying in front of an old fireplace located within the downstairs living room. Right next to the parlor room. If you zoom into the area in front of the white rocking chair and fireplace, there appears to be whatever you may want to call it sitting or laying. There was absolutely nothing in front of that rocking chair or fireplace as the current owners can verify. This isn't the first, but one of many findings caught on camera, audio and video through out our overnight stay within the old historic farmhouse. The current owners take on what we were able to provide them during our overnight stay at their historic property... "Unreal! Crazy!" We were asked by the owners if we would come back to their property when it gets a bit warmer, later this spring, so they can go through the property with us. What I didn't know was that someone else in the current generation of family also has a gift. A gift that began as a young child. The ability as well to connect. It will prove to be a very interesting second overnight stay at their property!

I will be uploading other photos, videos and audio on our new website, Podcast-Blogcast at, "Our Crazy Little Life." While I continue sifting and downloading all of our photos, audio and videos. This overnight will continue onto tomorrows blog.

For now you can view other photos and videos on our Podcast-Blogcast at, "Our Crazy Little Life." 

Just click on the link below!


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: February 12, 2018 1:19 AM EST
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