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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
January 8, 2018
Are YOU Ready For The Beginning Of Some REALLY BIG NEWS!!!!!
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Day 2925-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


I just LOVE surprises!

I love surprises that literally leave others with their jaws on the floor!

I LOVE surprises, especially when others don't feel you have the courage or guts to make such HUGE moves that will forever change your life!

No worries for all those doubters... because the many big moves have already officially begun to take place... today.

If life were one, big, ginormous chess board. Then clearly today we finally got the chance to say, "CHECKMATE!"

Over the past 15 years, I had the opportunity to have the same cell phone number. This evening, I finally had the privilege to change my cell phone number to our new area code that we will officially be residing in this year.


Never deny the power of change! I have never, ever said I was going to do something and not follow through with it. Sure, it may have taken us a bit longer than predicted. But life happened and we had a whole lot happening in our life over the past few years. But god is good and so are those who watch over us from heaven. All of the signs had significant meaning. This evening we finally took that GINORMOUS leap of faith!

For those whom are part of my life and for those whom are now part of my past. That 15 year old cell phone number is now no longer. I will be releasing my private, new number to only a select few that have always had my back and have been nothing but supportive over the years. Those who never judged me nor never turned their backs on me. I am making sure to not repeat my mistakes from the past. Life is a lesson to be learned and should only be learned one time around. Not only have we made our very first steps over the past week for significant and permanent change of residency. But permanent change that will bring with it, permanent happiness. Happiness that was a very long time coming! Sheer, undeniable, pure happiness! Ours for the taking!

Are we excited? YOU BET WE ARE!!

Unfortunately, with amazing news, comes with it... not so amazing news. I believe that in life, there are lines and boundaries that should never be crossed. I believe that when as parents, we make a decision to cross certain boundaries with grandchildren. That boundary can lead to severed ties. But as with every single person. At the end of the day. You must be okay with your decisions. As such parents of children must make crucial decisions that sometimes lead to permanent severed ties. Change means excepting that sometimes you can not go above or beyond matters due to needing to protect your child. Age has nothing to do with being the bigger person. Age has nothing to do with maturity. Taking the high road means that sometimes in life, regardless of what is right or wrong. You let others take the low road and you take the high road. Keep walking and never look back. And one day, to your child, it will all make sense why you didn't partake in such a senseless, heartless battle.

The bigger person in the end wins the game.



Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 11:58 PM EST
Updated: January 9, 2018 12:03 AM EST
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