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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
December 23, 2017
Ummmmm... Hmmmmm.....
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Day 2909-Chapter 3... Happiness~My Silver Lining


2:30am... POOF! No electric.

This doesn't happen very often. It has actually only happened twice since moving here from the city. Back across state lines in Ohio to be exact.

With such a nasty, rainy, windy morning. What's a little time in the dark going to hurt with a few trusty flashlights, twinkling lights from two battery operated small decorative Christmas trees and one large lantern for the fur gang? Absolutely... nothing.

That is... if you are truly alone. And if your not alone. Clearly that someone else is going to enjoy that bit of down time with you. HA! 

With my large flashlight laying just close enough to shine down on a few magazines that I have yet to read. I began enjoying the silence with the ambiance of tiny little Christmas tree lights twinkling around me. Just as I was about to start sifting through my second magazine. I got a really uneasy feeling come over me. You know... that overwhelming feeling as if you are not alone. It felt as if someone was standing right over my shoulder. Reading the magazine with me. Then POOF! That uneasy, high energy feeling was gone.

One shouldn't be so surprised after having such a really fascinating start to the morning. Not after receiving a delivery yesterday afternoon at exactly 1:11pm. Angel digits.

I had been expressing to Eric on how great it would be to receive a highly anticipated delivery before Christmas. The best gift of all was just about to make it's way into our home. And ironically... someone else must had been just as excited for me to receive this delivery. History in the most purest form... through a camera lens.

I never had the opportunity to meet my great grandparents. Nor many other extended family members from decades ago. Back in the day when folks used to dress to the nines. Fancy isn't the word! Even during some of the hardest historic times... World War II and The Great Depression. One thing that was evident through photo after photo were the many smiles upon so many faces. During a time when most families struggled, yet found the time to still celebrate life... together.

Having the opportunity to become one with the past is such a priceless gift. Finally having the opportunity to put faces to so many of those whom I never got the chance to meet... family. All wrapped up in a big brown box. Delivered at exactly 1:11pm.

Not only could you smell the history through each and every page of old black and white photos. But it seems as if those smiling faces were attached somehow to that brown box which I placed in front of our Christmas tree. A room that I call the most magical room of the house filled with the most happiest holiday decorations!

At 4:30am... the electric came back on and so ended a few hours of pure peace that filled our entire home. It wasn't but a mere few minutes after making my rounds around the house to reset clocks that operate on electricity before that uneasy feeling began to once again surround me. This time, I wasn't going to just stand there without my camera in hand. As I continued walking around the house, there was a feeling of being drawn into the Christmas tree room. Once I opened the door an overwhelming draft greeted me and so did someone on the camera who appeared to be decorating our largest Christmas tree. Where else? Right in front of the brown box filled with old family photos and other fond memories.

How IRONIC is that!

Not only was I able to capture a photo. But I was also able to capture this incredibly happy spirit in the most purest form. While decorating our Christmas tree. To make sure that I was not only feeling, but seeing first hand what was clearly visible on the screen. I said, "Hello!" Then asked them to raise their right hand if they were helping to decorate our tree and most importantly... if they could see me.

There really are no words to describe the entire moment captured on video and a few still photos. An amazing video that a few friends viewed just a mere hour ago before heading on the open road to visit their own families for the holidays. Their response was one with shock and awe that possibly... that box of history brought with it... family.

This is another reason why the new website for this blog will continue to proceed ahead. A hopeful welcome for a new year with video capability so I can share what we continue to capture when least expected. Sure, there are some who will continue to doubt, skeptics. There are also those don't believe in the afterlife. And you know what? That is their right in their beliefs. The ability to still be present in time with loved ones by visiting in spirit, energy or another way that can't be explained. Not of this world. Those who believe do understand without saying a word. Then there are those much like myself. Those with a special gift. The ability to connect.

At the end of the last photo album. In the very back was a special gift waiting to be opened. The only two photos in color. Two siblings, although very unique and quite different in their own special ways. Still one in the same with two very proud parents smiling down from heaven. 

Believe in the magic of Christmas~


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 7:00 AM EST
Updated: December 23, 2017 7:12 AM EST
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