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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
November 12, 2017
Tis A GREAT Day To BAKE! :)
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Day 2868-Next GP Chapter... Turning Lemons Into Lemonade :)


Our indoor garage sale...okay...that sounds funny.

Our sale that we held indoors, turned out to be a huge success!

We have won another battle of less=MORE. YAYYYY!

Thankfully, the rain held off for a bit longer than the forecast predicted here in the country. Although, we ended up closing our weekend sale a bit early. It was still a huge success and most relaxing too! Not having to go back and forth, outside to the garage when a customer arrived was not missed this year. Having our sale in the basement, indoors, was the best decision at the last second when we noticed rain forecasted for this weekend. We may not have made a whole lot of money. However, we did end up selling a good majority of excess stuff. What's that ole saying again?... Hmmmmm... What is junk to one. Is a treasure to another?. Or something along those lines. It's totally true, however we really didn't have any junk. Not in the least bit due to my OCD habits of being such an organized neat freak. HA! I always was one to take care of everything that I own as well making sure to keep things super clean, neat and tidy! We were beyond relieved to not see one customer leave empty handed through out the weekend. It's good to see that folks can use what we no longer need or no longer can use. Lots of various items that have been stored within a huge pile of cardboard moving boxes in our basement. Boxes that are now officially empty, broken down and now stored in our very clean and vacant basement! YAYYYY!

What little we had left were around 7 boxes of mostly clothes and other small miscellaneous items. Instead of keeping what didn't sell. We decided to drop the items off at a little consignment store down the street. The same store that I found my very beautiful ocean theme painting that I restored and is now hanging on the wall in the master bedroom. No need for a tax receipt. So we decided to drop everything off this evening while the rest of our little, lazy, river town was fast asleep. It's nice to give back when given the opportunity. We wish we could do more for those in need. But sometimes just paying someone a nice compliment means more than any material object. A smile goes a long way! So does a compliment! Try it sometime, you will see exactly what I mean!

After cleaning up from our weekend sale and taking down all nine online ads, (just call me the marketing Queen) we decided to end the day on a baking note. Time for some early holiday baking! Time to try a few new twists to the same ole recipes! I was never one to use recipes. I enjoy being creative and doing my own cooking thang-hehehehehe! This time of year brings out my true passion and love for holiday cooking. I have always enjoyed cooking, since as young as I can remember. So why not try something new to start off the next few months of some serious holiday baking!

Triple TART Berry Cobbler & Super SPICY Sweet Potato Pie

Think of a really super tart piece of candy and this is exactly how TART this triple berry cobbler tastes! Trust me by saying, "It's GOOD!" But 'OH' is it mighty TART! I can't remember the last time making any type of cobbler. So it should really be no big surprise that I under baked it which led to the crust falling into the cobbler. BAH! Eric...well he ate it anyways and did so with a smile. As well with a huge spoon in hand! Hahahahaha!

I was going to try my hand, literally, with making my own crust for this super spicy sweet potato pie. However since this is the first for me making any type of sweet potato pie. I opted for a pre-made crust. I did go a bit over-the-top with a few spices, but that is really what made it turn out sooooo DELICIOUS! Eric loves anything with sweet potatoes. I am fortunate that me and sweet potatoes don't really mix. I can live without them, but even a few small spoonful's really has me revisiting my relationship with these amazing golden holiday potatoes! This super spicy sweet potato pie really turned out to be a super tasty dish!

How long will it last in our household? I give it a day. Eric is already going on his forth serving, and the pie has only been out of the oven less than 3 hours ago. HA! I feel for him come tomorrow morning after mixing both the sweet potatoes and triple berry cobbler. Talking about one heck of a stomach ache! Nah...I will stick with my protein shakes and other safe beverages for the evening. Hehehehehehe!

CHEERS to the start of a very HAPPY season of holiday baking!

Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: November 14, 2017 1:44 AM EST
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