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Road to Survival
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The Road Before & After Surgery
July 11, 2017
Just Blame It On The Full Moon!?.
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There are some days...Like today. When there has to be some sort of reason for such an oddly, yet very interesting kind of day.

I know...Let's just blame it on the full moon! HA!

We continue to find some of the most odd ways that one can rig their home when it comes to repairs. All sorts of crazy ways as well as self-installation projects. Like this tennis ball that I ironically found taped to the wall with of all things. Painters tape. I stumbled across the tennis ball, behind a mirror, while accidentally dropping a spoon behind the microwave. Ummm...Hmmmm?... The only thing we can figure is that maybe the prior owners used it to keep the mirror from hitting the wall? Although that makes no sense because the mirror doesn't even come close to touching the wall?. Once Eric saw the tennis ball taped to the wall. Within 5 minutes the mirror was no longer. It never made any sense for what looks like a bathroom mirror being placed above a separate area of the kitchen. There used to be a wine refrigerator on the counter below it when we first moved into our home. The very first day after closing. But that is no longer either after giving it to a neighbor. We have far better things in mind for that extra counter space. And as far as the tennis ball? It went into the wash and is now happily part of Snoreo's tennis ball stash. Heeheeheeheehee!

If the day couldn't get any crazier. It did.

Eric has been keeping a few things to himself when it comes to chattering voices that he has been hearing through out the house. There are days when he will be yelling from the basement, "What did you say?" There have also been a few occasions where we will literally be in the kitchen and hear voices coming from the basement. I have encountered my own not-so-comfortable moments in the basement where it literally feels as if someone is looking over my shoulder while folding wash. Other times the energy through out the house will be so thick. That every single hair will literally stand up on my body. This evening things got a bit crazy. I guess we can blame part of it on the full moon?. We didn't even know that this evening there would be a full moon. But if you are a skeptic. Then don't bother with the next part of this blog. I can only hope that one day, you too will be pleasantly surprised with a special gift to connect of your own. Our gutters, roof, french drain and sump-pump system have been going through major repairs due to water issues that began on day 1 of purchasing our home. This was back in October 2016. I always felt that this house was seriously neglected. In more ways than one. I also firmly believed that in time...The foundation settling would stop, but only after we put a whole lot of hard work and lots of $$$ into the home. There are times when the house will literally speak to us.

Like this evening.

While in the basement, unplugging the old sump-pump system, so the plumbers can have free reign of the basement this week. We began walking down the stairs to hear little feet scrambling below us. To us, it certainly sounded like Mittens kitty. But she was upstairs. So we just blew it off as Eric began unplugging and unhooking the sump-pump system. It was quiet in the basement. So being able to actually hear the same voices whispering at the opposite end of the basement took us both by surprise. It felt as if someone or multiple people were watching us. You know...That uneasy feeling that makes your heart start pumping a bit harder. It also makes going back up the steps a bit faster if you know what I mean! Hahahaha! Eric looked at me, yet we didn't really say a word to each other. Honestly, I have seen a lot through out my lifetime. Eric has also seen more than his fair share while attending overnight stays, ITC research at various historic locations. In and out of state over the past several years. Between the whispers, two plug outlets that kept overloading and a strange feeling of something or someone around us. I decided to grab a few pieces of equipment. Maybe someone has something to say to us? A message to relay?

These are two images that were caught on our equipment. They have not been altered. You can not rig these types of images and they do not just happen via command. Blame it on the full moon?. Or blame it on those whom are intrigued with the home and possibly just want to connect. I firmly believe that if you have a closed mind. Spiritually. You will never have the ability, opportunity or possible gift in your lifetime to connect with those whom have passed onto Heaven. Yet still find a way to stay here with us, even possibly visit, in a spiritual sense. While Eric was standing behind me. I could hear him gasp after asking the individual to let us know if anyone else was present with them. This is the second and only other image that we received on our equipment. Three other figures appeared with the individual. Two within only a arms reach from the camera. One word:  FASCINATING!

If that wasn't enough to make a firm believer out of those whom believe that the full moon brings with it. The unexplained. While taking Snoreo outside, I decided to tag along after a long day at the hospital and getting lots of rest over the past few days. Eric said, "Come on outside with your cell phone. The full moon is huge!" So I did and this is what we saw quickly blazing across the open sky. It wasn't a plane. It also wasn't any type of satellite that could easily go that fast across the sky. I was honestly surprised that my cell phone was able to zoom in close enough to catch a glimpse of this round, glowing, quickly moving object. As far as skeptics. When it comes to UFO's. I have to admit that I 'used' to not believe in such a thing. Maybe that is because I had yet to experience. But everyone, one day, will maybe be blessed enough to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment that will forever change your mind. For us...It was this evening of pure magical energy and the unexplainable. For someone who believes in the afterlife and spiritual sense of discovery. The ability for loved ones to connect with us, someway, somehow after death. How could I had been so closed minded when it comes to UFO's?. To not believe that some other form of life also exists among the stars...

Blame it on the full moon? Nah. Some people just have a special gift.


Posted by GastroparesisAwarenessCampaignOrg. at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: July 13, 2017 2:47 AM EDT
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